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Agramon's Gate 5

First Look At ‘Agramon’s Gate’ From Award Winnning Filmmaker Harley Wallen

Painted Creek Productions has released series of movie stills from their upcoming thriller Agramon’s Gate, written, directed, and produced by award-winning filmmaker and actor Harley Wallen (Artificial Loyalty). Starring Laurene Landon (Sky, Maniac Cop 1 & 2) and Yan Birch (Wes Craven’s The People Underneath the Stairs, Death House), the film centers on, “Richie, a young man […]

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Ghost’s Papa Emeritus I, II, And III Are Touring…Sort Of

Ghost fans will be happy to hear that the three original Papas will be on Ghost’s new tour and VIPs will get to meet them…there’s only a catch…they’re dead. In the latest video put out by Ghost (see below) it shows the three original Papas (playing Uno) before being told that they’re being reinstated and […]

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An Exclusive Look Behind The Scenes Of ‘Mercury Screams’

  Today, we have an exclusive first look behind-the-scenes of the upcoming short horror film Mercury Screams. Screenwriter Dan Wilder (Haunting Inside) makes his directorial debut with this frightening short film that features cinematography by Jon Caron (My Name is Jonah).   In the film, ‘A young couple moves Upstate to escape a personal tragedy. Once in […]

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Spanish Horror ‘Forward’ Finds A May Release Date

  Terror Films has announced the release date and revealed the trailer for their Spanish language film, Forward. Written and directed by Henry Bedwell (Darker Than Night), the film stars Harold Torres and Axel Ricco, “…as two assassins hired to avenge their boss. The job leads them to what appears to be an abandoned hotel. However, they […]

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J.J. Abrams Confirms ‘Overlord’ Is NOT Part Of The Cloverfield Franchise

Earlier this week, J.J. Abrams released footage from his new flick Overlord during CinemaCon and it proved that the movie all horror! Abrams also made it clear that the film, Bad Robot’s first R-Rated film, is NOT part of the Cloverfield franchise. But don’t worry, he did confirm that a sequel to the Cloverfield franchise […]

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Blu-ray Review: Robot Wars (1993)

In the year 2041, the the United States is divided into two opposing blocs, the North Hemi and the Eastern Alliance. Now these two aren’t exactly bosom buddies, but they both really hate the pirates known as Centros who go around causing all manner of havoc. Can anyone stand in their way? Why yes, yes they […]

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Players Must Struggle To Survive History In ‘KURSK’

Polish game developer Jujubee will take gamers on a tale of survival and adventure out of the pages of history in KURSK, a first-person survival game. Players will take on the role of a sailor and see life onboard a doomed sub from his perspective. The game will be heavily story driven but the gameplay […]

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New Terminator Movie’s Title And First Image Revealed

The new Terminator movie has a simple enough title, Terminator. Skydance and Paramount revealed the title and first art for the movie that will be a direct sequel to James Cameron’s T2: Judgement Day. The title and first art were revealed at this week’s CinemaCon. Tim Miller (Deadpool) is directing with James Cameron producing the film […]

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