Movie Review: ‘Corbin Nash’ Is The Best Vampire Film We’ve Seen In Years

April 9, 2018

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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When I first heard about Ben Jagger’s Corbin Nash, which he wrote with Dean Jagger, I assumed that it would be a decent little action-vampire movie. I was wrong. Corbin Nash was actually fantastic. In fact, it is the best vampire movie I’ve seen in years.
In the beginning, Corbin Nash (Dean Jagger), a tough no-nonsense detective, learns from two family friends (Rutger Hauer, Bruce Davison) a long-hidden truth, that his murdered parents were vampire hunters.
Nash digs into the mass missing person case he and his partner Frank (Chris Pardal (interview)) are working. When Corbin and Frank think they have spotted two kidnappers (Corey Feldman, Richard Wagner) they learn that not only are the two men kidnappers, they’re vampires. During the fight, the two detectives are knocked out. While Frank is left behind, Corbin wakes up to find himself trapped among other victims and is forced to fight to survive. After a fight, he’s left for dead on the street and taken in by a stripper (Fernanda Romero) whose brother is among the missing. But Corbin isn’t that easily killed. Before long he’s back on his feet and out for revenge.

Dean S. Jagger, being a former MMA fighter, is a perfect fit for the character of Corbin Nash. His training makes him a great action star, but he also has a definite talent as an actor as well. I’ll be honest, I was impressed.

Corey Feldman stars alongside Jagger as Queeny, an over-the-top, cross-dressing vampire in love with Richard Wagner’s fang-having character Vince. While it is strange to see Feldman as a vampire after years of seeing him playing a vampire hunter in The Lost Boys Franchise. I have to say, it’s the best role Feldman has played in years, but that’s not saying much.

Malcolm McDowell stars as the “Blind Prophet”, who gives advice in a poetic way as well as narrating the film. It’s Malcolm McDowell, what’s not to love?
The film’s cinematography by Luke Hanlein is absolutely fantastic. It’s a beautiful horror film. How often do you hear that? The way the colored lights are used in the dark was a great touch and it makes the dark feel alive.
The special effects were great. Fans of gore will love it. There was a lot of blood, but we are talking about a vampire film. The blood and bodies are well balanced, not too much, but enough.
To be honest, there’s nothing I can really complain about, which is a good thing considering that there are two more films coming. That’s right, two more. During our interview with Chris Pardal, who plays Corbin’s partner Frank Sullivan, he told us that Corbin Nash is planned to be a trilogy. You can read the full interview here.

…the sequel was written first. That’s a little inside information. Then they wrote this as a prequel. It’s actually a trilogy.”

Do yourself a favor, go watch Corbin Nash in theaters or On Demand on April 20, 2018, from Gravitas Ventures. This is one dark, action-filled film you’re not going to want to miss.

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