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Terror Films Celebrating Halloween With “Freaky Friday” Featuring New Releases Every Friday On Amazon

Terror Films has just announced “Freaky Friday“! Every Friday in October they will be releasing a new film exclusively on Amazon Prime! An expanded release will follow November 9th across multiple platforms including iTunes, Vudu, and Tubi TV.   Releases Include:   THE CHAIR – FRIDAY, OCTOBER 5, 2018 First up from TERROR FILMS is […]

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Movie Review: Obsidian Curse (2016)

Party girl/junkie Blair (Karin Brauns) is sent to the big house for a year after being arrested while snorting coke off from a woman’s stomach, as one does. After being released from prison, she’s clean and sober, but she discovers her boyfriend Roberto has moved on and gotten married, and worse still…his new beau is […]

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Movie Review: Knuckleball (2018)

Young Henry (Luca Villacis) is dropped off by his parents for the weekend at his grandpa Jacob’s (Michael Ironside) farm. Things go just peachy as the duo toss baseballs around and do projects around the farm…I mean what could possibly go wrong? Well, gramps dies one night for one thing…so that’s a fuckin’ bummer, but […]

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