Prime Video’s New “Fallout” Series Scores First Trailer


December 4, 2023

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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The world of video game adaptions, which includesTwisted Metal” and Peacock’s Five Nights At Freddy’s, continues to expand its reach into the realm of television. Now, another beloved gaming franchise is set to make its live-action debut: Prime Video’s upcoming “Fallout” series. Based on the critically acclaimed post-apocalyptic role-playing game, the show promises to bring the iconic world of monsters and mayhem to life in a thrilling and visually stunning way.

Set centuries after a devastating nuclear war, “Fallout” follows the story of Lucy, a young woman who has spent her entire life sheltered within the confines of an underground vault. When a crisis forces her to venture out into the irradiated wasteland, Lucy is confronted with a harsh and unforgiving world filled with mutated creatures, dangerous factions, and the remnants of a once-thriving civilization.

The trailer for “Fallout” offers a tantalizing glimpse into the show’s world, showcasing its impressive visuals, captivating characters, and the signature blend of action, adventure, and dark humor that has made the Fallout games so popular. The trailer also hints at the show’s exploration of themes such as survival, hope, and the enduring human spirit in the face of unimaginable adversity.

With its stellar cast, renowned creative team, and the rich lore of the Fallout universe to draw from, “Fallout” has the potential to be a major success for Prime Video. The show is set to premiere on April 12, 2024, and is sure to captivate fans of the games and newcomers alike.


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