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Paul C. Williams Creates A Dark World Worth Exploring in ‘The Shadow Of Hades’ – Book Review

The Shadow of Hades by Paul C. Williams is a very interesting and dark book. Four stories, intertwined, but not in obvious ways (think Trick R’ Treat style story-weaving). Williams took on a huge challenge with this book and really showed his ability as a writer by creating a novel with such depth and strength. […]

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Interview With Author/Editor Lee Murray: Her Upcoming Book, Feeling Like An Outsider, And Her Love Of Horror

I reviewed a collection of short stories by author Lee Murray a while ago.  It is a collection of stories that has stayed with me and so I was thrilled to hear from Murray again recently.  This time, Murray, along with Geneve Flynn, is the editor of Black Cranes: Tales of Unquiet Women which comes […]

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