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‘Dial M For…Mutants’ Is The Most Fun You Will Have While Being Terrified

Plot This book in incredibly fun! But don’t be fooled by that, it is also a legitimate and scary horror. Based in 1994 and focusing on a tabloid magazine called Weekly World News, this plot has everything in it. It is scary, funny, gripping, entertaining, original, unique, fascinating and mysterious. The tabloid is the type […]

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‘Vlada: A Dracula Tale’ Is A Perfect Tribute To Stoker’s Classic…With A Twist

Plot As the forward to Christopher Denmead’s book focuses on, everyone knows the story of Dracula. It is a timeless tale that has been made, re-made, written about, watched, and cherished since 1897. All of that points to the truth that the story never gets old and I love the different variations of it that […]

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Matt Kurtz’s ‘The Rotting Within’ Is A Clinic Of Horror And Storytelling

Characters Author Matt Kurtz has a way of making his characters seem like real people. Their reactions to being scared, uncomfortable, stressed traumatized and healing are all so realistic and well done that there is genuine empathy and sympathy for the characters in his story. I really felt more attached to Kurtz’s characters than I […]

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Red Cape Publishing To Release ‘Home & Other Stories’ by P.J. Blakey-Novis

Red Cape Publishing to Release Home & Other Stories by P.J. Blakey-Novis on March 10th Red Cape Publishing to release Home & Other Stories by P.J. Blakey-Novis on March 10th. This is his sixth collection of short horror stories, following on from Embrace the Darkness, Tunnels, The Artist, Karma, and The Place Between Worlds. From P.J. Blakey-Novis, author of Tunnels, Embrace the Darkness, […]

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Sebastian Fitzek releases new book ‘The Package’ Promises To Terrify You!

Emma’s the one that got away.  The only survivor of a killer known in the tabloids as “The Hairdresser”—because of the trophies he takes from his victims. Or she thinks she was. The police aren’t convinced. Nor is her husband. She never even saw her tormentor properly, but now she recognizes him in every man.  Questioning her sanity, she gives up […]

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Alan Baxter’s ‘The Gulp’ Is A Terrifying Journey That You Won’t Forget

Characters I love the characters in these stories.  It is shocking how well author Alan Baxter not only creates characters, but makes each one unique, and makes each one fit perfectly in their individual stories.  From a somewhat cantankerous truck driver to shadowy rock stars to desperate drug dealers, each character is incredibly strong.  However, […]

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Hearts Strange and Dreadful - Front Cover

Off Limits Press Releasing Horror-Novel ‘Hearts Strange And Dreadful’

Off Limits Press Releasing Hearts Strange and Dreadful, Historical Horror Novel Set in a Plague-Ridden 1800s New England Town Off Limits Press made waves in the horror fiction community when it released its debut novella, Crossroads by Laurel Hightower, which was included in the Library Journal’s list of 2020 Best Horror and a big hit […]

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Red Cape Publishing Release ‘The Cat That Caught The Canary’ By Antoinette Corvo On Audible

Red Cape Publishing are pleased to announce the release of The Cat That Caught The Canary by Antoinette Corvo on Audible. From Antoinette Corvo, author of Dirges in the Dark and The Ivory Tower, comes the hard-hitting drama The Cat That Caught The Canary. When an unloved child loses her only friend, she finds the […]

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