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Tracey Birdsall Is Back With ‘Evolution War’

Tracey Birdsall, great lady, great actress, great person…and never stops working!  She is back for another movie with director Neil Johnson.  I’m here to tell you, that pair can’t miss! Last week brought the breaking news of the upcoming sci-fi action thriller Evolution War from director Neil Johnson, and now we finally get a peek into the images […]

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New Novel ‘Devil Sharks’ To Be Released

Sharks are a hot item right now.  With yet another addition to the wonderful world of ‘Sharknado’ and ‘The Meg’ coming out, Chris Jameson is releasing a similarly themed novel entitled ‘Devil Sharks’.  This will be Jameson’s second shark-themed novel and promises to be fantastic! “When Alex Simmons is invited to a college reunion in […]

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New ‘Fear Street’ Novel Gets Cover Art

The ‘Goosebumps’ book franchise was my introduction to horror as a very small child and as I grew a bit, I got really into R. L. Stine’s ‘Fear Street’ collection.  In 2014, after a 15 year hiatus, ‘Fear Street’ returned!  Now, Stine’s newest novel gets its cover art released.   In ‘The Wrong Girl” “Poppy Miller […]

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‘Grindhouse: Planet Terror’ Soundtrack Released On Vinyl

Remember the Grindhouse movie ‘Planet Terror’?  Everyone who saw it remembers Rose McGowen’s machine gun leg slaughtering chemically-enhanced zombies.   Well, writer/director Robert Rodrigues isn’t finished.  He is now taking the opportunity to remind us that he has composer chops as well.   For the first time, the soundtrack for ‘Planet Terror’ is available on vinyl.  […]

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Top 10 Scariest Wrestlers

Wrestlmania is today!  Whether you are a wrestling fan or used to be a wrestling fan or want to be a wrestling fan or can’t stand the sight of a wrestling ring…you have heard of Wrestlemania.  Today, in New Orleans, is the 34th Wrestlemania and it promises many great matches and entertainment.  That being said, […]

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Katherine Knight: Australia’s First Life-Imprisoned Woman

Mother…Wife…Neighbor…Murderer…Butcher…Frying pan enthusiast…possible cannibal…All of these things apply to the first woman in Australia ever to be sentenced to life without parole, Katherine Knight.   Katherine was born in 1955 as the result of an affair between her mother and her married father.  She witnessed rape and abuse all throughout her growing up years and […]

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Beetlejuice On Broadway

While we all wait impatiently for Beetlejuice 2, there is exciting news from the world Tim Burton created.  Beetlejuice is coming to Broadway!  There is an advanced off-Broadway run coming to Washington DC this October.  Music a lyrics are being written by Eddie Perfect who is also working on the stage version of King Kong. […]

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