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Blu-ray Review: The Fly Collection (1958 – 1989)

Those magnificent bastards at Scream Factory have gone and done it; they’ve shoved every damn Fly flick into a boxed set, packed them with features, and set them loose to be lapped up by horror hounds everywhere… and I’m going to put a revoltin’ review on the whole shebang! Let’s kick things off with 1958’s […]

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Beneath Black Veil 1

Movie Reviews (Another Hole in the Head Film Fest): Beneath the Black Veil and Giantess Attack versus Mecha Fembot (both 2019)

Director Jason M. Koch — no stranger to controversy with his ABCs of Death 2.5 (2016) segment “M is for Munging” and his grisly feature 7th Day (2013) — tackles Chritsian faith and lack thereof in his latest film, Beneath the Black Veil. The lives and marriage of Genna (Samantha Jean) and her husband Aaron […]

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Movie Review: Rabid (2019)

Rose (Laura Vandervoort) is having a shitty go at life lately; she’s the odd one out in the fashion biz she toils away in, she’s the pity project of her one friend in the world, Chelsea (Hanneke Talbot), and before too long half of her freakin’ face is scraped off in a moped accident (not […]

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fan theories

Looking At Some Popular Horror Movie Theories

Horror fans are possibly one of the most passionate when it comes to anything related to the genre. This love for the films even goes as far to have theories about the stories of the films we love, of course, every film genre has its fan theory base, but when it comes to horror, you […]

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Dead Dicks 3

Movie Reviews (Blood in the Snow Film Festival): Puppet Killer and Dead Dicks (both 2019)

Canadian horror comedy Puppet Killer  delivers in both the gore and gags departments. You know what you are in for pretty early on when the lead character, a high school student, is portrayed by a 50-year-old actor, taking the “they look to old to be high schoolers” trope to beyond its normal range. Aleks Paunovic […]

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rabid n1

New ‘Rabid’ Trailer Unleashes A Virus

    Ahead of its  U.S. Premiere at Screamfest next week, Scream Factory! has unleashed a new trailer for directors Jen and Sylvia Soska‘s remake of David Cronenberg’s 1977 classic Rabid.   Laura Vandervoort (Supergirl) stars as Rose, a woman who wants to become a fashion designer. After an accident leaves her scarred, Rose undergoes […]

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Black String 3

Movie Review (FilmQuest Film Festival): The Black String (2019)

Life goes from boring and lonely to maddening and terrifying for twentysomething Jonathan, the protagonist of director Brian Hanson’s The Black String, a terrific supernatural/body horror film with paranoia thriller and film noir elements.  Jonathan, superbly portrayed by Frankie Muniz of Agent Cody Banks (2003) and the TV series Malcolm in the Middle (2000–2006), is […]

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Ghastly Souvenirs: Episode 4 Of ‘The Terror: Infamy’ Touches On War Time Horror

WARNING: The following article contains images that are considered disturbing.   Last night’s episode of The Terror: Infamy is picking up the horror factor and living up to my expectations! But something from the episode titled “The Weak Are Meat”, stood out towards the beginning of the episode that’s quickly forgotten as the action picks […]

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