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Ghastly Souvenirs: Episode 4 Of ‘The Terror: Infamy’ Touches On War Time Horror

WARNING: The following article contains images that are considered disturbing.   Last night’s episode of The Terror: Infamy is picking up the horror factor and living up to my expectations! But something from the episode titled “The Weak Are Meat”, stood out towards the beginning of the episode that’s quickly forgotten as the action picks […]

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Filmmaker Joe Badon Ready to Bring Us Another Sci-Fi/Horror Mash-Up!

Filmmaker, cartoonist, and all around cool mother fucker Joe Badon is getting ready to unleash his next film; Sister Tempest! For those of you unfamiliar with his wicked work, check out the trailer to Joe’s last flick; The God Inside My Ear right here! Pretty damn cool right? Well feast your putrid peepers on the description […]

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Movie Review: The Unseen (2016)

Bob Langmore (Aden Young); deadbeat dad, lumber mill worker, partially invisible…what, what the fuck now?!! Yeah, ol’ Bob made like a fuckin’ banana and split, leaving his wife Darlene (Camille Sutherland) and rebellious teen daughter Eva (Julia Sarah Stone) in his wake…to say nothing of a promising hockey career…to start over in a remote Canadian […]

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Zombie Deer

‘Zombie Deer Disease’ May Infect Humans, Scientists Fear

WARNING: SOME IMAGES MAY BE DISTURBING   In 24 states, elk, deer, and moose have been seen to exhibit “zombie-like” behavior. They dramatically lose weight, drool, stumble around, and act aggressively towards humans seemingly without fear. Though people have dubbed this disease “Zombie Deer Disease” it’s actually called, Chronic Wasting Disease or CWD     […]

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Movie Review: South Mill District (2018)

A few days ago…or longer if you are reading this from the far flung future, or next week (I’m a regular Criswell!) I reviewed one of my fav flicks I’ve laid eerie eyeballs on in a damn sight; namely Joe Meredith’s Teratomorph (which you can read my wicked words concerning said picture right here). In […]

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Sinister Shorts Featuring: Slash (2018), Stay Quiet (2018), and Innards (2014)

With the new year comes a veritable ass-load of short fright flicks that fine fiends have asked me to lay my putrid peepers upon (or like three…but one man’s small amount is another man’s ass-load I never say…). So without further ado, here comes some bite-sized revoltin’ reviews!     Slash (2018): Callum (Michael Mowen) […]

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us poster 1

Doppelgängers: Understanding Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’

Jordan Peele’s new horror film “Us” is causing quite a buzz on the internet with the creepy trailer he dropped for horror fans on Christmas. The story revolves around a family being tormented by their look-a-likes or Doppelgängers.         The term Doppelgänger is well known to many as meaning your look-a-like. people […]

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