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Short Film Review: Panther Ridge (2018)

Panther Ridge concerns the fateful night a young acolyte descends into the BDSM underground…and what starts as a fairly rote bondage and knife play scenario, soon spins massively out of control into a level of violence that goes beyond mere sexual gratification and straight into “Holy fuck, you people are out of your goddamned minds” […]

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An Exclusive Look Behind The Scenes Of ‘Mercury Screams’

  Today, we have an exclusive first look behind-the-scenes of the upcoming short horror film Mercury Screams. Screenwriter Dan Wilder (Haunting Inside) makes his directorial debut with this frightening short film that features cinematography by Jon Caron (My Name is Jonah).   In the film, ‘A young couple moves Upstate to escape a personal tragedy. Once in […]

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‘Selfie From Hell’ Feature Film Announces Candian Release

  Back in 2015, Erdal Ceylan’s short film Selfie From Hell, about a woman taking a selfie for her boyfriend, but there’s something strange in the photos, went viral, being viewed more than 20,957,00o times.     Now, the feature film, co-written by Paul Burton of Southpaw Productions, inspired by the short is ready to make its Candian […]

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Neill Blomkamp Kicks Off Crowd Funding For ‘Firebase’ Feature Film

  Last year, Neill Blomkamp (District 9, Chappie) debuted a series of short sci-fi-horror films. One of the films, Firebase, was then chosen by Blomkamp, based on fans’ reactions, to become the first feature film from Oats Studios.     Firebase took us inside the hell that was the Vietnam War. Not only do U.S. soldiers come face to face with […]

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‘Sharkasaurus’ Is Coming Your Way This April

From writer-director Spencer Estabrooks comes Sharkasaurus, the feature film based on the short film, by the same name. In the film, “faith and facts collide on a Creationist themed golf course when the daughter of a widowed creationist falls for the adopted son of a gay paleontologist. Unbeknownst to the lovers, a prehistoric dino-shark has […]

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