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Bizarre States: California Delves Into The World Of The Supernatural On Alpha This Month

  Bizarre States is delving further into the world of the occult, supernatural, and inexplicable with Bizarre States: California, a video series building on last season’s Bizarre States: Los Angeles with even more hauntings, urban myths, and unsolved mysteries. Produced by Nerdist for Legendary Digital Networks’ premium content service, Alpha, Bizarre States: California will premiere later this month, adding a whole new dimension of entertainment for fright […]

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blood child 1

Movie Review: Blood Child (2017)

After we have the hoary ol’ chestnut of “based on a true story” flashed before our eerie eyeballs we catch up with Bill and Ashely “Ash” DiAngelo (Biden Hall and Alyx Melone respectively), a married couple livin’ high on the hog in Singapore with a baby on the way…well, until it isn’t. So after that disturbing, […]

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Movie Review: Paranormal Farm 2: Closer To The Truth (2018)

Last December I had the putrid pleasure of layin’ my eerie eyeballs on Paranormal Farm; a frightfully fantastic found footage flick done absolutely right (you can read my thoughts on that on right here). I was pleased as a preternatural pig wallowing in supernatural shit when I found out a second installment had been made, […]

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haunted live

Investigate The Premiere Of Travel Channel’s “Haunted Live” This Friday!

Travel Channel‘s paranormal series “Haunted Live” is gearing up for its premiere and will be conjuring a new live experience for viewers like never before. The Tennessee Wraith Chasers (interview) will be going live for each episode. That’s right, you will be able to watch the investigation as it is happening and will be able to be involved […]

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DIANE Still 08

Movie Review: Diane (2018)

Stage actress/singer Diane (Carlee Avers) is discovered in the back yard of hard luck disabled war vet Steve (Jason Alan Smith)…well, her semi-clothed body is anyway along with a bloody screwdriver. After an intense, and off-kilter, grilling by the local authorities, Steve is returned home where he becomes obsessed with Diane…so much so that he […]

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Short Film Review: Candle Cove (2018)

Candle Cove tells the story of two adults remembering a childhood fav; a silent televised puppet show called Candle Cove. As fate would have it, they find a box which contains recorded episodes of the show, including the finale…a finale that featured the puppets screaming in terror for the duration. As they examine the tapes, […]

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Movie Review: Mara (2018)

After a man is strangled in his sleep, and twisted into a knot like one of those massive-ass mall pretzels, the police immediately blame the dude’s wife, no matter who vehemently their daughter blames someone called ‘Mara’. Enter criminal psychologist Kate Fuller (Olga Kurylenko) who investigates the claims of the accused and before you can […]

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The Tennesse Wraith Chasers Talk Paranormal Investigating And “Haunted Live”

    The Travel Channel‘s new series “Haunted Live”, starring the paranormal investigative team The Tennesse Wraith Chasers, is set to premiere on September 14 at 10 ET/PT. The Tennessee Wraith Chasers, who travel the country investigating things that go bump in the night, include founding member and lead investigator Chris Smith, team leader Steven […]

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Enjoy Your Trip! Game Review Of ‘Elea’ For Xbox One

Not long ago I talked about the upcoming surreal sci-fi game “Elea”. The game’s developers, Kyodai and Sodesco were kind enough to allow me the chance to review the game early before its September 6th release.         The game itself is an episodic adventure telling the story of Elea, who’s on a […]

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