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Movie Review: Curse of the Blind Dead (2020)

Back in the darkest of Dark Ages, a gaggle of Knights Templar oversee a gnarly birth and attempt to perform one of those morally dicey post-partum abortions… but the local pitchfork toting mob but the kibosh on the lady, the baby, and finally the knights themselves via a good ol’ burning at the stake (after […]

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New ‘Little Nightmares II’ Trailer Shows What Horrors Awaits

Bandai Namco today released the new launch trailer for their upcoming puzzle, platform, horror experience Little Nightmares II that is set to be released this week on the 11th (February 11th, 2021).         The trailer shows players what is waiting for them in the Pale City and it’s not pretty. Faceless figures, […]

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Short Film Review: The Ghost of Weatherton Hall (2021)

Under perpetually dark, and oft times stormy skies, sits Weatherton Hall; the former Gothic abode of a clan of aristocratic misanthropes and know the dread dwelling of  paranormal perils that gather in the dark shadows of the walls of the manse. We soon learn of the source of the festering malignancy; one of the lords […]

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Netflix Explores What Happens When We Die In New Series “Surviving Death”

    Netflix explores the afterlife this January with their new series “Surviving Death.”   The six-episode series from Ricki Stern delves into the questions that have been considered for millennia, what does it mean to die and what happens after our bodies expire? The series explores new research, first accounts from those who have […]

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Blu-ray Review: Giant From the Unknown (1958)

In a small mountain town, animals are being slaughtered left and right… and it doesn’t take long for human corpses to make the scene either. But what’s behind this violence? Is it a bear? A mountain lion? No, those are too obscure for forest based killings. Naturally the answer is a giant mother fucking conquistador […]

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“Locke & Key” Renewed By Netflix Ahead Of Season Two Premiere

    Season two of Netflix‘s series “Locke & Key” has not even premiered yet and already the streaming giant has renewed it for season three, not that we are complaining.   Based on the comic book series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez, the series follows Locke siblings and their mother who have moved into […]

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‘House of Ashes’ And Sumerian Mythology

Fans of the Dark Pictures Anthology games were treated to a post-credits trailer at the end of Little Hope for the upcoming third installment titled House of Ashes featuring Ashley Tisdal (High School Musical). The game will take players to the Middle East wherein the trailer Tisdal’s character is seen lost in a cave with […]

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