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Movie Review: Spiral (2019)

Things aren’t exactly salad and cream (that’s a thing that’s good, right?) for Malik (Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman) and his partner Aaron (Ari Cohen) who move to the ultra-suburbs with A-dawgs teenage daughter Kayla (Jennifer Laporte). Being the 1990’s and all, the townsfolk are not exactly hip to the same-sex couple bag, though they hide it well… but not well enough […]

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Blu-ray Review: Ghost Ship (2002)

Back in 1962, pleasure cruise ship the Antonia Graza has nearly it’s entire occupancy scissored in two by a seemingly freak accident involving a broken cable. Flash forward to the modern age, and a group of rough n’ tumble salvagers lead by the no-bullshit Murphy (Gabriel Byrne) catch wind of the ship just floatin’ out […]

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Short Film Review: #NotAllGhosts (2020)

A woman (Amy Ciupek) debates how to eject the toxic dude in her life which isn’t going to be easy considering he’s a rather nasty tempered, abusive, ghost! Filmed with the new Optical Radiance technology that makes film color look vintage without any post-production color correction (read more about the process right here), #NotAllGhosts looks […]

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Movie Review (Arrow Video FrightFest): They’re Outside

Folk horror meets found footage in They’re Outside, a solid U.K. fear-fare effort from codirectors Sam Casserly and Airell Anthony Hayles.  Max Spencer (Tom Wheatley) plays psychologist on his YouTube channel, despite his qualifications being questionable. He sets a 10-day goal to cure agoraphobic Sarah Sanders (Chrissy Randall) and get her to go outside of […]

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the wretched box

Blu-ray Review: The Wretched (2019)

Ol’ Ben (John-Paul Howard) is travelling the bumpy-ass road of adolescence and seemingly hitting every pothole; to wit: his parents are separated, he has no wheels, and he’s busting ass working a lame job at the local marina… oh, and he has to deal with being the only one that knows some ancient evil or […]

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