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Blu-ray Review: The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh (1971)

Down Vienna way, folks are turnin’ up all murdered-like left and right, ya dig? Into that fracas floats richie-rich American gal Julie Wardh (the absolutely jaw-dropping Edwige Fenech), who soon becomes a target of that malicious maniac mentioned previous via a series of ye olde blackmail letters. Now Jules ain’t a detective by any means, […]

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Movie Review: Presidents Day (2016)

Zombie Presidents reawaken to kill obnoxious teens…that seems like a premise that would be both deleriously fun and near impossible to F up, right? Well… Presidents Day (yeah, no comma here) begins with your stereotypical teen cardboard cutouts (jock, nerd, strong woman et. al.) getting ready to head to a cabin in the woods™ (Jesus […]

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Blu-ray Review: The Wind (1986)

Super-horny famous novelist Sian Anderson (genre legend Meg Foster, she of Carpenter’s They Live, and Masters of the Universe to name but two) is ready to wing her way to Greece to finish her latest murder mystery novel. Once there she is shown her lodgings by pompous British windbag Elias Appleby (portrayed by a scene […]

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Slasher ‘PandaMonium’ Getting A U.S. Release

    The infamous panda headed serial killer returns in writer-director MJ Dixon‘s slasher PandaMonium is headed to DVD and HD Digital in the US this June. In the prequel to the cult horror Slasher House II (2016) where we were first introduced to the infamous Panda-headed killer Jacob Jakushi (David Hon Ma Chu), Jacob now […]

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