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Blu-ray Review: Edge of the Axe (1988)

Bizarre-ass motorcycle ridin’ computer expert Gerald (Barton Faulks), and his equally off-putting pal Richard Simmons… wait… what the fuck now? Anyway, this Richard Simmons (Page Mosely), is an exterminator by trade… though philanderer is his main occupation, and he spends his time with Ger-bear trying to score some trim, drinking beer, playing video games, and […]

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death trap poster

Halloween Movie ‘Death Trap’ Leaves Six Friends Fighting To Survive (Trailer)

    Emerald Wolf Studios has just released the first trailer for director Deandra Spinner‘s feature debut, Death Trap which sees six friends running for their lives. Spinner, alongside producers Christopher Smith and Darien Moultrie, enlisted the talents of actors Bruce Klefstad, Emma Butler, Laith Wallschlaeger, Mercedes Gutierrez, Nicholas Denmon, Dafni Sufra and Troy Brookins. “Death […]

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DVD Review: Pickaxe (2019)

As you cats n’ creeps well know; I love me some sex and violence… and since Pickaxe throws that at us in the first couple of minutes it has yours cruelly’s attention from the get-go! Anyway, it’s the late ’80s, and Adrienne (legendary scream queen Tiffany Shepis) has just been set-free from the loony bin; […]

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Dead Dicks 3

Movie Reviews (Blood in the Snow Film Festival): Puppet Killer and Dead Dicks (both 2019)

Canadian horror comedy Puppet Killer  delivers in both the gore and gags departments. You know what you are in for pretty early on when the lead character, a high school student, is portrayed by a 50-year-old actor, taking the “they look to old to be high schoolers” trope to beyond its normal range. Aleks Paunovic […]

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Movie Review: The Furies (2019)

“High school student” Kayla (Airlie Dodds, who is an excellent actress, but she ain’t passing for a teenager no matter what the script says) and her gal-pal Maddie (Ebony Vagulans) find themselves in some diabolically dire straits after they are kidnapped and dumped in a forest where they are to be sport for a gaggle […]

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Movie Review: Pumpkins (2018)

An unpopular farmer (Terry Wood) with a rather disconcerting pumpkin fetish, meets his end thanks to being scared to death by two hooligans (Dale Hooley and Nathan Jordie Keers), but he won’t stay dead for long, as the unhallowed ground he is buried in resurrects his ass as Pumpkin Man (Will Metheringham), a monstrous mountain […]

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