Exclusive Trailer For The New Game ‘Invector’


At midnight tonight (December 7th, 2017), North American Gamers on the east-coast can get their hands on the new PS4 game Invector by Hello There Games. Invector is a new Rhythm Game, like Guitar Hero but with a Spaceship piloted by Stella voiced by Maya Tuttle. Players help Stella collect colorful fragments scattered across different worlds as well as help keep the rhythm of each levels song. Speaking of the songs, the playlist consists of 22 songs performed by Swedish Musician/DJ, Avicii. The game can be played solo or with friends in split-screen action, the music and this feature are perfect for parties! If you like the feeling of being in the middle of an awesome party, music you don’t mind staying in your head after a while and Cyberpunk pilots with a precious stash of chocolate bars. Then fire up your PS4, get your friends, turn up the volume and blast off with Avicii in Invector.




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