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Charles Manson Docuseries “Helter Skelter” On The Way From Epix

The public’s interest in serial killers continues to drive studios to create new documentaries. The latest is Epix’s “Helter Skelter” which is set to debut this June. . The six-part series will take an in-depth look into “the story of how Charles Manson and his cult terrorized California in the late 1960s and early 1970s.” […]

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Based on vs Inspired by

Lines Between Reality And Creativity Blur: ‘Based On’ VS ‘Inspired By’

At one point or another, we all have seen “Based on a true story” or “Inspired by” on movie posters, book covers, and even in video games. As a result, we’re all guilty of it, we the audience immediately want to see, read, and play it because we want to experience the story, especially if […]

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facing east statue

Documentary ‘Facing East’ Delves Into The Horrors Of The Eastern Cemetery Scandal

    When someone is dead and buried you would hope they’d rest in peace, but for over 100,000 people buried in the Eastern Cemetery that isn’t the case. Tommy Baker’s disturbing documentary Facing East delves into the despicable, horrifying criminal acts of the owners and operators who took advantage of heartbroken and poor families […]

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The Worst Serial Killer In US History: Samuel Little Charged With Cold Case Murder

      “The Worst Serial Killer in U.S. history,” that’s the title the FBI has given Samuel Little who has recently been indicted for a killing that happened more than 30 years ago in Georgia, news channel WGXA is reporting. The killer confessed to two murders that took place in Macon, Georgia in 1977 […]

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Michael Sheen Starring In New Film Based On The Green River Killer

True crime and serial killers have never been more popular than they are right now. Series and films continue to be released based on real killers. One film in development for 2020 is based on the notorious Green River Killer, Gary Ridgway. According to IMDb, “Good Omens”  actor Michael Sheen will star, write, direct and […]

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Horror Actress Arrested For Murder One Day After Movie Wraps Filming

  Aisling Tucker Moore-Redd, who goes by Wyn Reed, stars as the lead role of Valerie in the upcoming horror film From the Dark. Just one day after the film wrapped the journalist turned actress was charged with a real-life murder. During the five months of filming, investigators obtained cellphone footage of Moore-Reed that she […]

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Rediscovered True Story Based Series ‘Deadline’ Coming To DVD

    A forerunner to reality television—lost and forgotten in a New Jersey garage for more than 50 years— the “Deadline” television series that ran from 1959 to 1961 has been rediscovered and is coming to DVD. The series that dramatized stories ripped from real-life newspaper headlines of the ’50s has been rediscovered and is […]

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Ghastly Souvenirs: Episode 4 Of ‘The Terror: Infamy’ Touches On War Time Horror

WARNING: The following article contains images that are considered disturbing.   Last night’s episode of The Terror: Infamy is picking up the horror factor and living up to my expectations! But something from the episode titled “The Weak Are Meat”, stood out towards the beginning of the episode that’s quickly forgotten as the action picks […]

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Game Review: ‘The Church In The Darkness’

Fellow Traveler and Paranoid Productions indoctrinated me into the Collective Justice Mission and have sent me down to South America to join my fellow members of the congregation in Freedom Town… Well, they were just cool enough to let me try out their game The Church in the Darkness. The game takes place in the […]

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Survive A Cult In ‘The Church In The Darkness

Fellow Traveler and Paranoid Productions have announced the release date for their upcoming above-view game The Church in the Darkness. The game will be available August 2nd and is currently available for pre-order.     The Church in the Darkness is a stealth-driven game where players take on the role of Vic, a former cop […]

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