Movie Review: The Cabin (2018)

Hey I got a new one for ya; a couple heads to a secluded cabin and encounter terror…and by new I mean absolutely the most tired trope out there. Let’s see if The Cabin can do anything to spice up this hoary ol’ chestnut… Bickering couple, Rose (Caitlin Crommett) and Harry (Christopher Lee Page) head out […]

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the super

Val Kilmer And Patrick John Flueger Star In ‘The Super’ – Coming To Blu-Ray & DVD This December

    Remember…He’s always watching. This December will release The Super on DVD and Digital. Already available On Demand, the intense thriller stars Grammy® Award Nominee Val Kilmer. Produced by the creator of TV’s hit series “Law & Order” and “Chicago P.D.”, The Super was directed by Stephen Rick and written by John J. McLaughlin […]

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Jen And Sylvia Soska’s ‘Rabid’ Remake Set To Infect The UK This Spring

    Jen and Sylvia Soska‘s remake of David Cronenberg’s 1977 film Rabid is set to infect Amazon UK viewers this Spring. Jigsaw‘s Laura Vandervoort stars as Rose, a seamstress who goes through a radical transformation with cosmetic surgery following a terrible accident. But perfection comes at a price. She develops a taste for human […]

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the cabin

A Vacation Turns Into A Nightmare In ‘The Cabin’ – On VOD And DVD This December

    This December, a young American couple’s vacation turns into a nightmare in The Cabin, the Swedish feature film debut of Jophan Bodell. The Cabin, penned by Erik Kammerland and produced by Alec Trachtenberg of Coast ART Productions and KW Studios, takes you to the rural backwater of the Swedish summer, and on a trip you will […]

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Movie Review: Mandao of the Dead

Major league weird cat and heir to an award losing breakfast cereal “empire” Jay Mandao (Scott Dunn…who also wrote and directed the film) lives with his equally eccentric adult nephew Jackson (Sean McBride)…who sleeps in a tent within the apartment…yeah…Anyway, the night before Halloween, Jay has an out of body experience via astral projection which […]

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The Possession of Hannah Grace

Experience ‘The Possession Of Hannah Grace’ In New TV Spot

    This November Sony wants to remind us all that death is only the beginning with director Diederik Van Rooijen‘s supernatural thriller The Haunting of Hannah Grace. We’ve got a new disturbing TV Spot to share with you and it gives us the impression that it may be one of the most terrifying genre films of […]

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Jacob Tremblay Reunites With Director Mike Flanagan For Stephen King’s ‘Doctor Sleep’

Child actor Jacob Tremblay has already made a name for himself, starring in films like Before I Wake, Shut In, and The Predator. Now, the young man will reunite with Before I Wake director Mike Flanagan for Stephen King’s sequel to The Shining, Doctor Sleep, though his role in the adaptation has yet to be announced. […]

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Artist Vincent Castiglia poses for a portrait prior to the opening of his gallery show "Resurrection", at Sacred Gallery in New York October 3, 2012. REUTERS/Andrew Burton

Documentary Film Review – Bloodlines:The Art and Life of Vincent Castiglia

         John Borowski  is well known for his documentary films, which give an in-depth look at various serial killers. Not only has Borowski focused on the likes of Carl Panzram, Albert Fish and H.H. Holmes, but has also done a documentary and subsequent TV series that explore the cultural obsession and influence of serial […]

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