New Christmas Horror Book Returns to ’80s Horror

Billed as a mix between The Shining and Office Space, upcoming holiday-horror novel Secret Santa promises a return t the horror boom of the ’80s.

After half a decade editing some of the biggest names in horror, Lussi Meyer joins prestigious Blackwood-Patterson to kickstart its new horror imprint. Her co-workers seem less than thrilled. Ever since the illustrious Xavier Blackwood died and his party-boy son took over, things have been changing around the office.

When Lussi receives a creepy gnome doll as part of the company’s annual holiday gift exchange, it verifies what she’s long suspected: her colleagues think she’s a joke. No one takes her seriously, even if she’s the one whose books are keeping the company afloat.

What happens after the doll’s arrival is no joke. With no explana- tion, Lussi’s co-workers begin to drop like flies. A heart attack here; a food poisoning there. One of her authors and closest friends, the fabulous but underrated Fabien Nightingale, sees the tell-tale signs of supernatural forces at play, stemming from the gnome sitting quietly on Lussi’s shelf. The only question is. . . does Lussi want to stop it from working its magic?


The 240-page novel will be released through Quirk Books on November 10th, 2020.

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