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Movie Review: ‘Man Underground’ Is More Human Drama Than Sci-Fi…And That’s OK

Willem Koda is reclusive and a tad socially awkward. He worked as a geologist on a project for the US government, and during his tenure encountered extra terrestrials. Now he speaks to groups with like minded interests, although there are  some who would refer to him as a conspiracy theorist, based on his personal accounts […]

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‘Clowntergeist’ Is Worth Checking Out

I had the opportunity to watch Aaron Mirtes’ horror film ‘Clowntergeist’.   First things first, I enjoyed it.  There were a few things in the film that hurt the movie a bit, but it is a good flick.  I admit that I am a little done with the whole clown thing, but I would recommend this […]

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death house poster

Review: ‘Death House’ Is A Dark Twisted Discent Into Hell (In A Good Way)

  The highly anticipated genre film Death House, from director Harrison Smith, is approaching its fall release and we’ve reviewed it. Before we get into a review of the film, you should know about the story behind the movie. Originally, the script was penned by Texas Chainsaw Massacre Actor and genre icon Gunnar Hansen. Smith […]

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Movie Review: ‘Bonejangles’ Is A Bungled Attempt At Horror Comedy.

Edgar Friendly Jr. aka Bonejangles is ion the loose and a small tow police force has dispatched all units in an attempt to bring him in. After a brief fracas and the expenditure of nearly all of the towns police force, a few surviving officers manage to subdue the murderous juggernaut. Now these few remaining […]

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brimstone (2)

The Dark Thriller ‘Brimstone’ Is Simply Brilliant – A Review

  “Wrongly accused of a crime she didn’t commit, a frontier woman-turned-fugitive is hunted by a vengeful preacher in the menacing inferno of the old American West.” That’s the official synopsis for the thriller Brimstone from writer/director Martin Koolhoven. While it is a correct description of the plot, it does not do the film justice. […]

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