X-Files Creator Chris Carter Explains Why Mulder & Scully Are Not Together for the Revival Series

December 3, 2015

Written by Capt McNeely

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Fans all over the world have eagerly been awaiting the January 24th premier of the X-Files! In just over a month, we will finally get a chance to see Special Agents Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) on their television sets again. However, X-Files creator, Chris Carter, has confirmed that the two will not be together this season and that they are, in fact, seperated.


Carter went on to say with an interview with TV Guide that, “it was important for me to be honest about where I felt the characters would be seven years later.” However, there is hope as he ended his statement with, “There’s always the possibility that they will patch up their differences.”

Fans of the series have always loved the back and forth/will they won’t they between Mulder and Scully. In 2008’s “I Want To Believe,” fans finally got their answer as we saw the two officially together on the big screen. It took Carter 15 years to finally bring these two together, and after multiple abductions, cancer, disappearances, William, and other near death experiences, I began to wonder what could have separated them?

Tune into the The X-Files on January 24th to find out!

X-Files Trailer

David Duchovny on the new X-Files Series

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