SCREAM Mourns The Death Of Jake And Emma Gets Her First Killer Call Of The Season

June 29, 2016

Written by Capt McNeely

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Gustavo- “You keep saying there’s somebody out there, have you not considered the vintage locker room scenario? When A Stranger Calls, Killing Room, Devil, Rope?”

Noah- “So you think the call is coming from inside the house?

Keiran- “So they didn’t lock the killer out, they locked him in.”

SCREAM: Dawn Of The Dead, aired last night and instead of bloodshed and phone calls, it featured panic, mourning and drama. It’s only natural the new show runners added this into the show. The two Hollywood Deathmatch writers have been quoted to proclaim their love for the SCREAM movies franchise and how they wanted to make the new season as real as possible. Episode 5 was as real as it gets.


So the new episode opened with the Lakewood 5 locked inside their school as the body of their former classmate’s [Jake] body lies in a body bag after his murder. Brooke’s in shock, her boyfriend’s blood painted on her, she walks from the shower, finally clean. To vent to Audry on how she couldn’t believe he’s really dead. We were just texting she exclaims. As Audry hears this and even read the conversation on Brooke’s phone, this lead Audry to reveal to Brooke, Jake wasn’t texting her, the killer was. This lead Audry to text from Brooke’s phone “YOUR GOING STRAIGHT TO HELL”. But here’s the kicker, the killer doesn’t have Jake’s phone…Emma does. Some how the killer snuck Jake’s phone into her bag without Emma knowing during school that night. This means the killer is someone in their social circle. As Emma discovers she has Jake’s phone in her bag she freezes in WTF-face, she then calls over Keiran who then calls over Audry who then instructs Emma to not go to the police. As Emma contemplates, things got a little suspicious with Haley.


So, we have Brooke now walking down the hall, police escorted, an emotional wreck, and you got Haley over there watching this and like “of course, brake out the tears” [don’t quote me]. I mean come on x) the chick just lost her boyfriend, the entire school is in peril and you choose to be a dick wad? Needless to say after Haley’s spazz out she was brought into questioning


So Haley returns and then alerts everybody their lockers are going to be searched through…. Everybody panics. WHAT THE HELL IS IN YOUR LOCKERS LAKEWOODERS?! Among the panickers is Mr. Smooth himself, Keiran. So Keiran alerts his friends he has illegal goods in his locker, Noah teams up with him to dispose of them and everybody is in suspense. WHATS IN YOUR LOCKER KEIRAN?! It was a gun! So the police catch Kieran with a gun and he’s close to be arrested. Noah is stranded in the hallway and seemingly the only way for Keiran to come out without a record was for him to be a snitch. Sheriff Acosta let Kieran go in vain of he just survived a massacre and having a gun for protection made sense to him. But he also gave Kieran an ultimatum; Be my tattler or get arrested. Keiran choose tattler and ratted on Emma that she has Jake’s phone before she could even dispose of it.

As Emma gets brought into questioning and was forced to put the phone into questioning, she gets grilled and basically gets NUT tattooed on her forehead by the sheriff, even as she left he said “Even that sweet girl [Emma] that just walked out of here, could be a psychopath all I know”. As Emma returned and found Haley running her mouth that’s when things got..well SCREAM 1’s Tatum Riley said it best “Bam b!tch went down!”. As Haley held her face briefly, she then charged after Emma, the two fought briefly and Ms. Lang escorted Emma to a quite room. As Lang left Emma alone in the locked room to rest, things got a bit…menacing. For the first time this season Emma got a call from the killer “I’M COMING FOR YOU” the killer alerted her. As she runs for help, a rattling noise makes her unlock the blinds to reveal the killer. Fighting for her sanity, she bust the glass window to confront the Ghost-Faced killer. As the shards hit the floor, there’s nobody there, it was all an hallucination.


During this Brooke is in questioning with her dad where she then answers the question of “when was the last time you seen Jake?” with “Sunday night, we snuck into the pool to have sex”.. she said this..with her dad sitting right next to her. There’s your sweet little girl pops! Brooke then revealed who SHE thought was the killer..Mr. Love To Hate Seth Branson. It’s very possible at this point that in August’s season finale Mr. Branson is the killer. Who knows?!

image image image

Anyway after this Brooke goes to see Jake’s dead body and talks to the coroner [Emma’s mom] into letting her know when Jake died. But also in doing so Brooke gets Emma’s mom thrown off the case of her [Brooke] boyfriend’s murder because the sheriff was watching in the wings. And it’s illegal for a coroner to do that. During this Audry clues Noah in on her suspicions on Gustavo yet again, but this time instead of Audry just chilling her pot, she let it spill all over and attacked him [Gustavo]! She goes over and grabs his tablet where she then reveals a bludgeoned Zoe drawing to the entire school. Everybody screams “SERIAL KILLER” and beats the living f out of the kid to the point where he was in near tears. Is he the killer? At this point I think it’s WAY to obvious and Audry is DEFINITELY has something to do with it. During this Sheriff Acosta is searching Jake’s phone for evidence to his death where he then came across a text message conversation between Brooke’s dad and Jake. Which reads in the gist for Jake to go down to the Wren Lake Estates [also known as the place Jake was attacked and killed]. The episode ended with Brooke’s dad back being a suspect. [Last season he was suspected of the death of Brooke’s mom but that was blown over]. Is Mayor Maddox really a killer? Or how about Mr. Branson? At this moment I’m getting Piper Shaw vibes from Ms. Lang so could it also be her. Who knows at this point?

This episode gets 7/10 stars. Bring on more gory killer scenes. Loving the series so far though.

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