[Recap/Review] SCREAM’ Season 2 Finale Revealed Ghost-Face & Cliffhanger

August 18, 2016

Written by Capt McNeely

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Scream’s Tuesday night season 2 finale brought SCREAM fans from all over to witness the un-masking of MTV’s Ghost-Face. The season 2 finale managed to homage Kevin Williamson’s SCREAM 1, 2 and 4 (he wrote some of it) and leave fans still clamoring for a season 3 (which is yet to be announced). If you stood tuned for my recaps (which some were equipped with reviews) you’d know I have been pointing my finger at Eli towards the end of the season right before the big un-masking which turned out to be [SPOILER ALERT] Keiran. What had fans still pondering as to if this was it, for SCREAM. Letting us know it wasn’t, Keiran got a phone call in prison by who claimed to be the resurrected Brandon James (the Killer everybody was copycatting, who was involved with the Lakewood massacre 20 years prior). Season 3 is still up in the air. Ratings have been not as great as I hoped, standing currently in the 300K’s, who knows if MTV is going to renew this, or if Netflix will pick it up due to the reason the season has a low rating is because fans aren’t watching it live because they can’t and are watching it on Netflix the day after. Who knows. But I was definitely satisfied with the reveal and I’m even more satisfied that we are finally getting a Gale Whethers.

Last episode I reported that it ended with the Killer luring Mayor Maddox down to the old James Pig Farm, impailed Maddox with a pitchfork and ran off for Audry and Emma to hold the bag as they found him. Both survivor girls were arrested and the finale picked up exactly where that left off: As Emma and Audry were being transported for questioning, Audry fought for her and Emma’s innocence to the driving officer. In-doing so this lead the driver to take his eyes off the road (irony right) and speak with Audry face to face which then in-turn nearly ran down the Killer whom of which was standing menacingly in the street (not safe bro, what would your mother think?). As the officer swerved and soon ran into a telephone pole, he stumbled from his car to be brutally stabbed by Ghost-face. The Killer then swiped the keys from the officer’s pocket and suspiciously handed them over to Emma and Audry before disappearing into the night. This occurrence was soon discovered to be yet another tactic to further serve the red-haring treatment to the duo.

As Audry and Emma were on the run from the police and the Killer seemed to always be one step ahead of them, they made plans to hideout at the Zenith Theater (ya’ know from eps. 1). As Emma broke into Keiran’s house (as if she wasn’t in enough trouble already) to tell Keiran of her and Audry’s soon-to-be whereabouts. Emma soon after left for the Zenith with Audry and Eli took her place. Keiran tired scaring Eli off from Emma but Eli wasn’t hearing anything about it and was like “I’m not scared of you”, so right there I was like SEE I TOLD YOU HE’S THE KILLER!

During this Brooke is dealing with the aftermath of: for one finding out that Audry was somewhat apart of Jake’s murder and for two the tragic death by her father at the hands of the Killer. During Brooke’s dwell, she got a drop in by Stavo, which Stavo then tried testifying Audry’s attachment to the Killer. Brooke in-turn denied Stavo of his claims and exiled him from her house.
Brooke ended up shortly after making it down to the hospital to visit Noah (whose been laid up since the Killer stabbed him and buried him two episodes ago) and to mourn the death of her father and discuss Emma and Audry’s innocence with him. Emma and Audry ended up making it down to the Zenith and inside, Emma gave a call to Noah which suspiciously was called with the Killer’s signature unknown I.D. I totally was expecting the Killer to play his signature taunting lines during this, buuut it was Emma who only revealed to them for one, she and Audry were at the Zenith and didn’t want them to come and join them and they were both innocent in the case of Brooke’s dad’s murder.

Brooke and Noah going against Emma’s wishes made it down to the Zenith welcomed in by Keiran who was there before them. Inside, the Killer called Brooke and then began to play with her but that was just before Emma swiped the phone from Brooke and ripped him a new a**hole. But in closing of Emma’s phone whooping, she lured the Killer to the theater. The four now split up in pairs of two, weaponed up and awaiting his arrival, were met by the sound of Stavo trying to get into theater with a very Scream 4 “You texted me to come” “I didn’t text you” dialog”. As Stavo left, the four were met with the sounds of what sounded like a scene from “When A Stranger Calls” which was conveniently playing in the theater that same day, when the Killer seemed to be a no-show. Inside the theater auditorium played each of the Killer’s kills recorded, playing and gruesome as ever. As Emma broke away from the group to turn of the projector and hopefully put an end to the Killer once and for all. To her surprise the Killer wasn’t inside the projection room, he was standing right beside them and they didn’t even know it. As the projector was flicked off by Emma and the auditorium began dark, Brooke equipped herself with her phone-flashlight and then was met by the Killer who cut deep into her. Brooke hit the ground nearly dead, Audry was now nowhere to be found, Noah called the police, Brooke instructed Emma to leave with her car to avoid the police and Keiran stood behind with her.

Brooke was carted to the hospital and rushed into surgery, when an emotional Stavo showed up. Stavo then blamed himself for her near death and balled in the waiting room chair to soon by consoled by his father who conveniently was walking threw the hall. Noah also awaiting the answer if Brooke was going to make it or not, made it point to tell Stavo’s father whose also the Sheriff, Audry and Emma are not the Killers. The Sheirff then revealed to Noah “off the record” there’s supstantial evidence tying both girls to the Killer, which invoked Noah to then show the Sheirff a photo from Will Belmont’s funeral (killed by Ghost-Face last season) and point out Eli creepily in it, to take the heat off his friends and place it on Eli.

During this Keiran kept Emma in the loop over the phone as she balled in Brooke’s car this was all her fault for luring the Killer to the theater, but if she only knew she was speaking to the very Killer. As Emma got off the phone with Keiran, not so long after she got Snapchat message of Audry unconscious with the words “Face The Mask or She Dies”. Emma discovered Audry was at the Blessed Sisters Orphanage (the same orphanage from SCREAM: Orphanage) and made a bee-line for it save her friend, not before texting Keiran where she was going

As Emma entered the abandoned building, she was met by a haunting phone call from the Killer deliver yet another haunting phone call yet this one ended with “You’ll never feel safe again”. As the Killer also made it a point to stab Emma, before she made it up the stairs to hopefully find Audry alive, Emma was met by Audry cloaked and still unconscious, most likely drugged. As Emma struggled to make Audry come too, Keiran showed up answering Emma’s text and helped bring Audry too consciousness, all before Eli also made it upstairs with a stab wound armed with a knife claiming he followed Keiran from the hospital, Keiran stabbed him and that he called the police. Emma armed with a gun, now has Eli at gunpoint, forcing him to answer her why he was in Lakewood during Will’s funeral or she was going to shoot. Eli then dropped the bombshell that it was because of Kieran, matter of fact he was also revealed his entire creepy backstory was because of Keiran as well. As Keiran fought this as the truth, Eli in a fit of anger was about to stab Keiran but soon met by bullet at the hands of Emma.

As Eli hit the floor seemingly dead and Audry began to come too, Keiran uttered the words “you will feel safe again Emma”. The exact opposite of what the Killer literally just told her. “How could Keiran know the Killer told her that?” “What the F is going on?” This I imagine was going threw Emma’s head as she questioned Keiran “Tell me you’re not the Killer”. This is of-course led Keiran to make a creepy pause and then come out with “I can’t do that” Eli rose from his thought to be death to save the day but Keiran shot him to death. Keiran then revealed to Emma, him and Piper (last season’s Ghost-Face) were a couple before he and her [Emma] were ever a couple and the reason for his Killing spree was: for one daddy issues and for two “killing is way more fun than therapy”. Audry and Emma ended up outsmarting Keiran though and they managed to switch the tables on Kerian and had him at gun-point. As Emma had the chance to shoot Keiran dead like they did with Piper, Emma chose for him to rot in prison like she had to rot, wondering if this was her day to die, like she had to rot as she watched her sanity be stolen from her, like she had to rot watching each of her friends die.

The police arrived shortly and carted Keiran away and now were met by Noah recording his podcast with a “I told ya’ so” theme. It’s been three months since the massacre: Brooke and Stavo are having dinner at the Acosta house and Ms. Lang is revealed to be the new Gale Weathers, shown starting a book titled “A Tale Of Two Sisters” which is appartly based off of Emma and Piper’s troubled relationship (if you could say troubled. The season break, which it should be called because in October we’re going to have two more episodes, really made me feel satisfied. But with a whole ton of questions. The season break ended off with Keiran being called in to speak with his lawyer, which appartly Keiran never had, to be met by the voice of Ghost-Face with the haunting words “Who told you, you could wear my mask?”. Also not to mention Maggie’s letter from two episodes ago was found with a bloody finger print with a knife threw it.
The Fuel Rates SCREAM: When a Stranger Calls: 5/5 stars


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