Major Updates On The Post-Apocalyptic “NorthBound” The Movie and Second Season!

August 29, 2016

Written by Capt McNeely

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Post-apocalyptic thrillers must be getting popular! Between just reporting about DayLight’s End, now news breaks on some brand new updates on NORTHBOUND’s season 2 plus a spin-off film!

First of which: a brand new teaser has been dropped for the second season which confirms the return of series regs Nate Alwine as Alex, Callie Alwine as Crystal, and Mike March as Wallace. While also introducing newcomers: actress Kaitlin Paupore as a mysterious soldier named Ghost, and actors Joe Stevens as leader of a militia known as The Firewalkers, and Phil Wentz as Danny, salvaging partner to Alex.

The series which gathered over a million viewers with its first season has just announced production on new episodes beginning production later this Fall, (probably around November) with an exciting 4-episode opener scheduled to air in the early winter of 2016-2017 on

Season 1 followed a lone father, Alex, as he traveled a post-cataclysmic winter landscape, and fought savages and Allied Command, a military force with a mysterious science agenda, all to protect his comatose daughter Crystal. Season 2 continues with Alex and Crystal falling in with a peaceful community led by Pastor Wallace, a man seeking answers as to what caused The Cataclysm. As Wallace works to maintain a fragile cease-fire with a rival militia known as The Firewalkers, certain incidents cause the two groups to test the limits of their agreement and control over the North Woods. The first season is currently available to watch on

From the press release:
It is a goal of Co-creators/Michigan natives Seth and Nathan Anderson and I to revitalize the arts in the Upper Peninsula and help boost local economies. Ultimately, the brothers and I would like to seed a self-sustaining film movement across the region. NORTHBOUND will continue to film primarily in the towns of Iron Mountain, Norway, and Houghton, Michigan. This season of the webseries will lead into a full-length feature film titled NORTHSTAR.

Season 2 is open to Co-production and brand/advertising sponsorship. The series currently has an actress on the down-low to star in the second season as well as the feature length film once funding is secured. The second season currently needs financial help due to the high demand of a action-packed season. You can donate your help for reward here.

Season 2 Extended Character Tease





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