Edward James Olmos Joins Already Stellar Predator Cast

March 25, 2017

Written by Capt McNeely

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Edward James Olmos 33rd Annual Saturn Awards The Academy of ScienceFiction Fantasy & Horror Films Universal City Hilton Los Angeles, CA May 10, 2007 2007 John Elliott / Hutchins [Photo via Newscom] tagid-khphotos069042-Olmos_EdwardJames_1137.jpg (Newscom TagID: khphotos069042) [Photo via Newscom]
I know, I know, it is starting to seem like every day has a new member of the already in production Predator reboot.  It is beginning to be like The Expendables of horror…and I love every second of it!
Edward James Olmos is the latest to join the cast of Predator.  No word on his part or anything, but he is confirmed and, in my opinion, that makes the movie even better.
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