David Fincher Closing In On Directorial Duties For WORLD WAR Z 2

April 26, 2017

Written by Capt McNeely

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It seems that World War Z 2, which appeared to be dead, is now back on in its feet and ambling, albeit slowly, forward. The film which had been removed from Paramount Studio’s production calendar back in February, has yet to officially be given the go ahead. However, with David Fincher likely to be in the director’s chair for this sequel, the green light could well come within the next few weeks.
Interest in Fincher to take the helm of WWZ 2 began last summer, when Brad Grey was still studio chief. Brad Pitt specifically had a keen interest in working with Fincher again, despite having spoken with a number of other potential directors. At the time it was rumored that Fincher was equally as interested with the idea of taking on such a project, which would be his first feature since Gone Girl in 2014.
Pitt and Fincher have a great chemistry, having worked together on Se7en, Fight Club and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. And now it would seem that regardless of the stagnation the project has endured since last summer, that Fincher is ready to get behind the camera on this film.
This could turn out to be one of the first films to get the green light from Paramount’s new chairman and CEO, Jim Gianopulos. Fincher’s working relationship with Gianopulos actually goes back to Gone Girl, which incidentally was green-lit by Gianopulos when he was 20th Century Fox’s studio chief in 2014.
If things begin to pick up speed, production could potentially be underway in early 2018. Of course that still gives no real indication of a possible release date for World War Z 2. Of course the moment any information about the project becomes available, we will certainly make you privy to it. So keep an eye out,  or both for that matter, my Little Monsters, there is certain to be more in store.

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