Spoiler Free First Impression Of AMC’s ‘The Terror’

March 27, 2018

Written by Capt McNeely

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With its waining popularity, it’s safe to say that The Walking Dead now has competition, The Terror, the new series based on the novel written by Dan Simmons of the same name. The book, as well as the new series, is a fictionalized account of the infamous Franklin’s Lost Expedition The show’s two-hour premiere with the episodes Go for Broke and Gore.
The series is being produced by Scott Free Productions which explains the better production quality over AMC’s other series, The Walking Dead. I’m keeping my impressions spoiler free because I feel that if anyone’s interested in watching this show should do so and judge for themselves, with that here’s my first impression.
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First off, some are criticizing the premiere as being a bit “slow” but any sailor will tell you, it’s the calm before the storm. The key thing this show is doing is telling a story of the two ships The Terror and Erebus stuck in the arctic wasteland as well as the backstory of some of the characters before going on this fateful voyage.


In the first episode, it foreshadows that things are not normal after a couple incidents occur involving the deaths of crew members. The setting is very atmospheric, as strange as it sounds you feel safe when they have scenes showing the inside of the ships because there’s color and depth as when you see the outside…it’s all white.
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The second episode picks up speed showing why there’s tension between some of our main characters, no doubt more of this will be seen in coming episodes. We learn that our lost crew are not alone as they discover a couple Inuit out on the ice and learn that “something” may have followed a scouting party back to the ships…

I enjoyed the first two episodes of The Terror and feel strongly that it’s going to get creepier and bloodier before the end of the first season. The show stars Jared Harris (The Crown), Tobias Menzies (Casino Royale), Ciaran Hinds (Justice League), Paul Ready (Cuffs), Adam Nagaitis (The Man with the Iron Heart), Ian Hart (Neverland), Nive Nielsen (The New World), and Trystan Gravelle (Mr. Selfridge). Keep an eye out for The Terror on AMC Monday nights at 9 EST.
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