A Noob Playing An ARPG: Review Of ‘Shadows: Awakening’ For Xbox One

September 6, 2018

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

Just recently Kalypso Media and Games Farm brought a new twist on the RPG gameplay to consoles in the form of “Shadows: Awakening”.
I’ve played RPGs before but not your traditional ones, so I was pretty excited when I was given the chance to review this interactive artwork! As the title of this review states, I’m a noob (newbie) to this type of game but for my fellow RPG noobs out there, this is a great startup to the genre!

Shadows: Awakening” follows a Demon summoned by a mysterious mage to help combat a growing threat that’s about to be unleashed in the Heretic Kingdoms after members of the secret society Penta Nera were assassinated! The Demon can’t go on this quest alone and needs the help of “puppets”, People who were once alive and players can choose to come back from the dead to live again and aide the Demon.
In the start you will be given the choice for your main “puppet”, there’s three to pick from who have their own storyline and set of skills. Along with your journey, the Demon can swallow the souls of over 14 other playable characters to help aid in the journey, this is where the game is unique compared to other RPG video games.

All playable characters are controlled by one player; basically, you have an entire team under your control without having to have three or more players with you. Each character is of a certain class with the Demon being in a unique class all its own, as it can travel over locations inaccessible by other players and sees things the other characters cannot.
If “Shadows: Awakening” wanted to leave a first good impression on someone like me, they did a great job! I’m having a lot of fun playing this. The controls are easy, meaning not really complicated as I was afraid it would be. The camera placement helps with the third-person perspective; it’s stationary and won’t move around causing confusion and wasting controller space. The voice acting is amazing as well as the sound effects being used and you can control a lot of the sound volume in the game!

Shadows: Awakening” is the perfect game to throw yourself into the world of RPG and offers hours of stories, adventure, and mayhem! On my scale of five stars, it’s a five!

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