An Exclusive Interview With Actor Chris Coppola

March 16, 2019

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Actor Chris Coppola, whose many credits include,  Spawn, Friday the 13th, Far Cry, and BloodRayne: Deliverance, took a few minutes to talk with us about his previous projects and his most recent film Acts of Desperation following its release this week from Gravitas Ventures. 


Horror Fuel: “Great performance in Acts of Desperation, sir!”


Chris Coppola: “Thanks for having me, very excited to talk to you guys.”



Horror Fuel: “Now, you have a famous surname there… are you related to…”


Chris Coppola: “Biggest misconception is that I’m related to Francis Ford Coppola. My name is Coppola but the fact of the matter is I’m not related to that Coppola family. Although funny story I went to the vineyard years ago with my wife, I went to pay and put my credit card and license down and the cashier said: “Oh Mr. Coppola family gets half off all sales.” And I said, “oh yeah I knew that.” I then signaled to my wife to bring up two more cases.”



Horror Fuel: “That’s hilarious! Let’s get back to the beginning – “Spawn” was your first major film, right?”


Chris Coppola: “Spawn for sure was my first big break. I was so excited to be in it. I had been a fan of the comics (still are) and I loved the animated show on HBO. My role was titled punk in a graveyard, so I dyed my hair and painted my fingernails. The director saw what I had done and loved it. Then we shot all night in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, It was so cool. Then John Leguizamo shows up dressed as a clown and started improvising and the experience became magical. So much fun.”



Horror Fuel: “Did you work with Martin Sheen on it?”


Chris Coppola: “I didn’t get to work with Martin Sheen but got to know him pretty well during the press junket. We were in Arizona doing a premiere because that’s where Todd McFarlane lives, anyway somehow I end up in a limo with Mr. Sheen and Quincy Jones (producer of Spawn). Anyway, we get out of the limo and of course no one wants to talk to me but they want to talk to both of them. I walk the red carpet and nothing happens. I decide I’ll walk it again, it was kind of fun. So I go back to the beginning. Mr. Sheen is answering a question as I pass him He turns grabs my arm and says to me “Chris you only walk the carpet once, now save me and Quincy some seats.” I sheepishly hurried on the side of the carpet to save seats.”



Horror Fuel: “Priceless! How do you think you’ve changed as an actor since then?”


Chris Coppola: “Oh my god I’ve changed so much since Spawn as an actor. I had maybe had a class and a lot of balls when I did Spawn. By the time I stepped onto the set of AOD I had 20 years of experience and acting class. I Still approach things with the confidence and excitement that Spawn had but now I have patience and I understand where my character fits in the story.”


In Acts of Desperation from director Richard Friedman, Paul Sorvino (Goodfellas, Nixon) leads a superb ensemble cast in that also includes Jason Gedrick (Backdraft, “Bosch”) and Kira Reed Lorsch (“The Bay”).

Acts of Desperation is an intensely unique and unpredictable thriller that sees the lives of a desperate cop, his distraught wife, a bank robber, an obsessed woman, and two criminals intertwine.




In the film, “a desperate cop on the edge is obsessed over the fact that his beautiful but frantic wife is having an affair. At the same time, he tracks a desperately shrewd bank robber who is falling in love with a desperately obsessed woman whose life he just saved from suicide. As if that’s not enough, he is also being blackmailed by two desperately unhinged street criminals who will stop at nothing to get their money. Time is running out for all of them as their worlds collide.”


Tim DeZarn (The Cabin in the Woods), Treva Etienne (Black Hawk Down), Erin O’Brien (Killing Joan), Neraida Bega (Christmas Crime Story) and Vince Lozano (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl) also star in a film directed by Richard Friedman and written by Nathan Illsley.




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