Pumpkin Jack

‘Pumpkin Jack’ Is Coming To Save Halloween!

Headup Games has announced their upcoming game set to be released around Q4 of this year in time for Halloween with their 3D platformer Pumpkin Jack where players take on the role of Jack the pumpkin lord.





Pumpkin Jack will take players to a vibrantly colorful world that is peaceful, too peaceful in fact that it made the devil plunge the world in eternal night! The once happy kingdom calls upon a powerful wizard to end this curse but the devil has an ace up his sleeve… Jack, the pumpkin lord!





Players will experience gameplay reminiscent of legendary games like Medievil and Jak & Daxter as they must master combo attacks against the forces of good and defeat a variety of foes and unlock new weapons and choose them wisely for battles. Players might lose their heads solving puzzles but Jack will gladly lose his for them to solve physics-based puzzles.





Pumpkin Jack will be coming out around the Halloween season for STEAM, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Players who would like to experience Pumpkin Jack now can play the free demo on STEAM!


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