‘Dial M For…Mutants’ Is The Most Fun You Will Have While Being Terrified

May 8, 2021

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

This book in incredibly fun! But don’t be fooled by that, it is also a legitimate and scary horror. Based in 1994 and focusing on a tabloid magazine called Weekly World News, this plot has everything in it. It is scary, funny, gripping, entertaining, original, unique, fascinating and mysterious. The tabloid is the type of magazine that I used to always want to buy at the grocery store because the cover revealed a brand new sighting of Bat Boy or some other fantastical story…but what if one of those stories was true? The plot truly takes us on an adventure that starts out as a light-hearted creepy (albeit funny) tale, and dives quickly into the terror and fear that satiates even the most tough-skinned horror fan.
Dial M For…Mutants focuses on Buck and Betty. As usual, I won’t give you too much detail about the specifics in my review (I like laving that up to you as a reader), but they are both fantastic characters who’s mystery will keep you glued to the pages. They have a developed banter that is fun entertaining and realistic. I admit that I was wholly rooting for them through their mystery. The characters were skillfully chosen (the jaded veteran and the eager rookie) and their contrasts were entertainingly on full display with Thorne’s expert writing.
I can’t say enough about Mat Thorne’s storytelling ability. This book was as gripping and exciting as anything I have read and it is all thanks to how Thorne built his world. It is easy to see that Dial M For…Mutants is truly a passion project for Mat (one that continues to grow! Just check out his Instagram for new covers of Weekly World News). His passion is evident and contagious as he takes readers on the ride through his carefully crafted tale.


I obviously really enjoyed this book. I read it quickly and eagerly. But if I have to write a critique it would be that it was a little too descriptive. I found that it left little room for imagination. I understand that Mat has a vision in mind and he does an amazing job of puttign that vision on the pages and into reader’s minds, but I would have liked a little more room for my own imagination. If that seems nitpicky, it’s because it is! I had to be nitpicky because I didn’t know what else to critique.
This was a fantastic book that I will recommend over and over. All I can really say is that if you read it (and you should!) expect the unexpected! Thank you, Mat, for sending me a copy and I can only hope for a sequel! Buy Dial M For…Mutants here and dive in to the horror.

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