DND Dice Has Dice For Everything

May 28, 2023

Written by Daniel S. Liuzzi

Continuing on this journey of experiencing the magic of tabletop gaming, you’ll need variety when it comes to your gaming style and the story you want to tell about your character. DND Dice has a decent size collection of a variety of dice to suit your playing style and character needs, and they were awesome enough to send me a pack of dice just in time to get into the summer slasher groove so a big thank you for that!


Let me introduce you to the Blood Splatter Dice Set! I was given the 10-die set that has the standard RPG dice but includes a D-30, D-60, and the eye-catching D-100.





As the name implies, and that you can see, the die are white with blood splatter on it, safe to assume if Jason Voorhees played DnD these would be his dice for sure. This dice set would be perfect for the cruelest of DMs who enjoy snuffing out adventurers with a bit of dramatic flare. All the die in the set roll well and are easy to read, but when it comes to that D-100, I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s more novelty than useful and it’s hard to roll it or actually to get it to STOP rolling, so a dice mat is probably a must. Again, that’s just my observation, it’s up to the individual whether or not they want to use that die or not in their game.


DND Dice is a good shop to go check out for dice options as they sell both commercial and in-house made dice to add to your collection or to your specific character adventures as well as many mystery dice options if you want to spice up your odds, especially if you’re thinking of making a new character and want a specific set of dice for them.


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