Product Review: Maroon Bell Skeleton Motorcycle Gloves

February 28, 2024

Written by Daniel S. Liuzzi

Sometimes you need something like gloves to bring your outfit together, whether casual, cosplay, on the job, hanging out, serving our country, or riding your steel steed. Leather gloves are the best but there are so many kinds out there to choose from that fit your uniqueness. An unsuspecting ally is here for this need, meet Maroon Bell Outdoor which specializes in leather goods for the outdoors. I want to thank Jeremy, the founder of Maroon Bell Outdoor for sending over some of their Lion Guard Motorcycle gloves and making this review possible!

Right away the gloves look awesome with the skeletal patchwork sewn onto the glove, which I really like as it reminds me of my favorite wrestler growing up, La Parka (L.A. Park). The gloves are made with water buffalo leather, which is said to be three times stronger than cow leather meaning they’ll last longer and will over time mold to your hand thanks to the use of natural oils used in the process of making the gloves.





As shown above, I’m wearing the lighting skeleton glove, notice where the lighting bolt is? Perfect for that coworker/friend that gets on your nerves! A nice touch to these gloves is the tech fabric sewn onto the ends of the index finger and thumb allowing you to be able to use your smartphone or other touch screens while wearing the gloves. The grip of the gloves is amazing, with no tool slippage as I tried them out, perfect for those who don’t want to lose their grip.

I can’t speak on how these would work as motorcycle gloves but I can see where they would be nice for casual riders, but the gloves have found other uses by automotive workers, first responders, cosplayers, and even members of the special forces! On a personal note, I’ll more than likely use one of my pairs for casual wear when the cold season hits (especially around Halloween), and one of the other pairs I’ll use for yardwork, but I’m looking forward to using these gloves for a while!

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