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Kevin Smith Pays Homage To ‘Jaws’ In His New Horror Movie ‘Moose Jaws’

Kevin Smith, known for his films such as ‘Mallrats’ and ‘Clerks’and of course for his role as “Silent Bob”, one half of the awesome duo of “Jay and Silent Bob”, set out a few years ago to make “True North Trilogy”, which included ‘Tusk’ (2014) and ‘Yoga Hosers’ (2015). Smith has now announced his plan […]

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Michael Bay Remaking Hitchcock’s Classic ‘The Birds’

‘Transformers’ director Michael Bay has announced his role as co-producer on a new upcoming remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 classic, ‘The Birds’. That’s right, even Hitchcock is not safe from Hollywood’s latest obsession, remakes.   Dutch film-maker Diederik Van Rooijen will be directing the new version for Mandalay Pictures, who is sharing co-producer status with […]

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Paranormal Investigators Find More Than They Bargained For, A Dead Body

Paranormal investigators, exploring the old Kuhn Memorial State Hospital in Vicksburg, found more than they were bargaining for when they discovered a dead body on the grounds of the hospital┬álate last night. Vicksburg Police Chief Walter Armstrong stated that the body was that of a woman in her 60’s. The death is being ruled a […]

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Kevin Bacon Stars In The Supernatural Film ‘6 Miranda Drive’

Kevin Bacon stars in the new supernatural horror, ‘6 Miranda Drive’, directed by Greg McLean, the film-maker behind the ‘Wolf Creek’ franchise. In ‘6 Miranda Drive’ a family returns from the Grand Canyon, unaware at first, that a supernatural force has followed them home. ‘Silent Hill’ actress Radha Mitchell stars along side┬áJennifer Morrison (Once Upon […]

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‘The Howling’ Is Getting A Remake

Emaji Entertainment has recently announced via their website that they have acquired the rights to the 1981 werewolf classic ‘The Howling’, with the intent of remaking the movie that originally starred Dee Wallace and Christopher Stone. In ‘The Howling’ news reporter Karen White (Wallace) survives a near fetal run in with a murderer. She retreats […]

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Slender Man Comes To Life In ‘Always Watching: A Marble Hornets story’

The new found footage film ‘Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story’ brings a new twist on the legend of Slender Man. James Moran, who served as Assistant Director for ‘Sinister 2’ and ‘The Lords of Salem’, make his directorial debut with ‘Always Watching’. When a small town news team discovers a box filled with video […]

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