Huge Star Returning For JURASSIC WORLD 2 (And I Do Mean Huge)



There are certain movie characters that are hard to forget, even when they are not human. Everyone who has seen 1993’s Jurassic Park remembers the film’s star, no not Sam Neill, though he was fantastic as Grant. I’m talking about a character larger than life, the Tyrannosaurus Rex aka “Rexy”. Let’s face it, she’s a huge star. And she will be returning for Jurassic World 2 to go head to head with a genetically created beast.




After being asked about Rexy by a fan, producer Colin Trevorrow confirmed that she will be back. This time taking her orders from director J.A. Bayona. Trevorrow penned the script for part two with his writing partner Derek Connolly.

In Jurassic World 2, the adventures at the Jurassic World resort and theme park continue as the government has trained dinosaurs to carry weapons and use them for battle purposes. We got our first look at trained dinos in battle in Jurassic World and we all know how that went.




The second installment stars Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Toby Jones, Ted Levine, Justice Smith, B.D. Wong, Rafe Spall, Daniella Pineda, and James Cromwel.

We have previously reported that Jurassic World 2 will be using mainly practical effects, like the original film, which a pleasant departure from the CGI heavy films we see a lot of these days.



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