AMC Adapting Joe Hill’s ‘NOS4R2’ For A TV Series



Stephen King adaptions are everywhere these days (not that we’re complaining). King’s son, Joe Hill, has inherited his father’s talent. AMC has noticed and has put into development a TV series based on Hill’s third novel, NOS4A2 (Nosferatu).




The New York Times bestseller, a supernatural thriller, centers on Victoria McQueen, a woman with a gift for finding things. She sets out on a mission to find a superhuman kidnapper and rescue his victims.

According to The Wrap, AMC has begun a writers’ room for the series, part of AMC’s script-to-series model that appoints a group of writers to produce a “season bible” and write multiple episodes. After those are complete the network will decide if it wants to go ahead with the show.

Jami O’Brien will serve as executive producer for the series which is a co-production of AMC Studios and Tornate.

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