Orlando Bloom Heading To Amazon’s ‘Carnival Row’



Pirates of the Caribbean actor Orlando Bloom will be starring in Amazon’s upcoming 8-episode fantasy-noir series ‘Carnival Row’.

The Wrap is reporting that the series is set in a city where mythical creatures are fleeing their war-torn homeland to a new land, but tensions are rising between the residents and the ever growing immigrant population. The series will follow investigations into a string of unsolved murders which are causing the tensions to worsen.

Bloom has been cast as police inspector Rycroft Philostrate who is leading the investigation into the murder of a faerie showgirl. He will also produce the series from writer, showrunner, and executive producer Rene Echevarria. Paul McGuigan will also executive produce, as well as direct. The third executive producer, Travis Beacham penned the original script.


‘Carnival Row’ is set to begin filming this fall and will premiere in 2019.


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