Blood Drive’s Season Finale Teased In New Clip “Finish Line”


One of (if not the) best new horror series on TV is Syfy’s ‘Blood Drive’. Ahead of Wednesday’s season finale a new clip teases the battle Arthur (Alan Ritchson (interview)), Grace (Christina Ochoa) and Slink (Colin Cunningham) are about to face as they race towards the company at the center of the country’s downfall on what is basically a suicide mission.



Over the past 12 episodes, we’ve seen hundreds slaughtered, serious ass-kicking action, and Arthur go from a mild mannered cop to a bad-ass “Primo”. We’ve seen Grace evolve too. Some of her walls have come down as she’s grown to care about Author. We’ve even come to love Slink’s twisted self.

I hate that the season is almost over, but hopefully, Syfy has taken notice of ‘Blood Drive’s’ legion of fans on social media demanding that they #RenewBloodDrive. And we are right there with them. This season has left us craving more!

Check out the clip for the finale, episode 13 titled “Finish Line”.


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