New Update On ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Sequel


Next year will be the 25th anniversary of one of our favorite films, Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. The stop-motion classic will be getting a sequel, but not in film form.

Tokyopop, a anime, manga, and comic-book publisher and Stu Levy, it’s founder, will be taking us back to Halloween Town in a comic-book series. Written by Levy under the pen name D.J. Milky, the series will begin in May of 2018.

Titled “Zero’s Journey”, the books will center around Jack Skellinton’s dog Zero as he heads off to Christmas Town for an adventure.

What happens is that Zero gets lost, as dogs do, Levy said at New York Comic Con. “And along the way, he gets into a lot of trouble, as dogs do.”

We will follow Zero’s adventures throughout 20 issues. Four trade paperbacks will also be released with the first being available next Halloween.


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