Horror Rewind Is A Scary Blast From The Past

This Friday the 13th Weekend Downtown LA is getting even scarier than usual with Horror Rewind, a haunted house featuring four of 20th Century Foxes scariest films. Featuring scares based around The Fly, Carrie, The Hills Have Eyes, and 28 Days Later, Rewind covers a lot of horror history.

Based around the idea of a crazy horror nut who built this attraction based on his favorite films, Rewind wants to tickle our nostalgia and scare off our pants. There will also be plenty of merchandise to purchase, including 19 brand new blu-rays with collectable packaging. And you’ll have plenty of money to pick up these goodies because guess what? The attraction is free (although it is first come, first scare)!

For anyone in the LA area (or really withen a few hours driving distance), this is the perfect opportunity to revisit some of horrors all time hits.