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‘Sesame Street’ Does ‘The Walking Dead’ – Watch The Parody Here


Yesterday, the Cookie Monster and the gang to the battle to the streets for a parody of one of the bloodiest shows on TV, ‘The Walking Dead’ which returns for its season 8 premiere and their 100th episode on October 22.

Cookie Monster took to the woods of Sesame Street as our favorite sheriff, Rick Grimes, and is quickly surrounded by a horde of hungry gingerbread men and women referred to as the “Crumblies” who are after all the cookies. Thankfully, Daryl Dixon and Michonne come to the rescue. Michonne informs the sheriff that the “Crumblies” were created by a batch of gingerbread gone wrong. As the threesome make their way to the “cookie safe zone” they meet “The Governer”.



Paradies are nothing new to the puppets of the cherished children’s series. They’ve parodied everything from ‘The Game of Thrones’, The Avengers, ‘Orange is the New Black’, to Harry Potter.


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