‘Ghost Ship’ And Dead Crew Wash Ashore

Sky News reported that over the weekend in Japan a derelict wooden vessel washed ashore on Sado-an Island in the Sea of Japan. Japanese Coast Guard and local Police discovered the skeletal remains of eight men on board. Authorities believe the men are North Korean after life-vests with Korean writing where found on board as well. The conclusion that the men were North Korean came due to rising tensions between North Korea and the United States and a famine that’s occurring inside the isolated dystopian country which leads to the conclusion that these eight lost souls were fishermen sailing out in unfamiliar waters in the Sea of Japan to fish, a trend among North Korean Fishermen over the past year.



Kyodo/via REUTERS


Last week eight fishermen who identified themselves as North Korean were found on board their boat that was drifting in the Sea of Japan, they had experienced a problem with their vessel which resulted in it becoming disabled. So far this year over forty-four North Korean vessels washed ashore in Japan compared to the total of sixty-six that washed up last year. This time of year the Sea of Japan is dangerous to sail in smaller vessels due to the shift in wind direction which causes the sea to become choppy. These events are considered quite common to the locals that they commonly refer to any vessel found on a beach as “Ghost Ships” since the crew is either missing or dead.

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