Amanda Teague

Woman Marries 300 Year Old Pirate



Amanda, age 45, got married to Jack Teague which has people talking and admittedly creeped out and it’s he’s a Haitian pirate…it’s because he’s been dead for 300 years. Yes, Amada Teague married a ghost of a pirate with the help of a medium. The couple got married in international waters so their marriage would be legal even though Amanda did get a registrar to oversee the wedding while a medium helped interoperate Jack’s vows. Amanda says that she and Jack are planning on writing a book together to help spread the word about not only their love story but to hopefully help others to find love like they did.

Amanda said she and Jack met when his spirit lay next to her in her bed one night and since then she’s always felt his presence around her and the two eventually started dating. Amanda says they’re like any other couple; they argue sometimes, like to watch TV together, play on Smartphones and Tablets, and engaged…in…sex… ANWAY it’s legal to marry a dead person in France, Singapore, and China but not in the UK hence why the couple had to go on the high seas to get hitched. The couple now feels their broken hearts have been mended because Amanda, mother of five, was once married but divorced after six years of marriage and Jack was left at the altar. This is one big twist on The Ghost and Mrs. Muir!


Amanda with her husband Jack, I’m assuming.



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