New Poster For ‘The School’ Teaches A Lesson In Terror


New artwork (above) has arrived for award-winning writer-director Storm Ashwood’s supernatural genre thriller The School.

The film centers on Amy, a doctor who struggles to cope with her emergency room duties while her son is in a coma. After being reprimanded by her boss for obsessively believing her son can still wake up, she becomes trapped in a coma/purgatory of her own in a school where children from her past emerge to taunt and test her to her core, putting in doubt if she will be able to save her son and escape The School.



Nicholas Hope, Megan Drury, Texas Watterston, William Charles McDonald, Milly Alcock, Sassy Soupidis, Christian Willis, Leah Ashwood, and Jack Ruwald co-star in this unnerving tale.

Jim Robinson and Blake Northfield produced with Phil Hunt and Compton Ross serving as executive producers for the Australian film.



The School was filmed at the oldest mental institute in Australia, the Gladesville Mental Asylum. Founded in the 1830’s, the hospital was plagued by inhumane treatment and both patient and staff deaths. There are over 1, 220 unmarked graves on its grounds.


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