Movie Reviews: Attack of the Killer Tomatoes is Perfect for Horror Hounds with a Taste for the Bizarre!


Tomatoes begin going absolutely batshit insane and devouring people after genetic crop experimentation goes sideways (timely today as in 1978) …what is the nation to do? Well, for starters they wrangle a task force led by the erstwhile Mason Dixon and including master of disguise Sam Smith, champion swimmer Gretta Attenbaum, scuba diver Greg Colburn, and soldier Wilbur Finletter who is eternally connected to his parachute. As much as the team (ineptly) tries, the tomatoes eventually win the day, calling for military action which too ultimately falls short. Is there anything on Earth that can stop this preternaturally powerful produce? Yes, yes there is and it’s suitably ridiculous and won’t be spoiled here!

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes is the perfect mixture of mile a minute sight gags (think in the tradition of the Airplane films…yet before they were created) and ’50’s sci-fi flicks where every conceivable animal or insect would mutate, grow to titanic proportions and menace mankind. It also has plenty of musical numbers because…well, because any good god damned thing goes in this flick and that’s what makes it such an insanely fun viewing experience!

As for the negatives…there are no negatives when it comes to Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. I have loved this film since I first rented it in the early ’80’s, and the only people that wouldn’t like it are those that hate laughter or fun…and if that’s you, why in the unholy hell are you reading my column?!!

As great a horror comedy as Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, and how much fun I think you’ll have with it; this Blu-ray from MVD is loaded with a…a…what the fuck do a lot of tomatoes come in? Well whatever it is, it’s that amount! First up we get a hilarious and self-effacing commentary track featuring writer/director John De Bello, writer Costa Dillon, and writer/actor Steve Peace. It covers every aspect of the production warts and all (especially the warts), and is a highly entertaining listen! Following that we get a featurette examining the legacy of the film (which is every bit as engaging and self aware as the commentary track), a piece about the spectacular helicopter crash present in the film, the original shorts that inspired the feature (I loved these as I’m a huge ‘process’ fan , and really dig seeing how ideas become a finished product…and it goes without saying that the commentaries present on these shorts are excellent as well). Next up is a conversation with The San Diego Chicken about his appearance in the film, a selection of deleted scenes with commentary, a bit of nonsense with a “killer tomato” harassing people on the streets of Hollywood…and even more nonsense with a tongue-in-cheek “where are they now” featurette and fictitious government cover-up segment. Finally we have a sing-along of the film’s many songs, a featurette on Beth Reno, the film’s ‘Slate Girl’, and the film’s trailer and radio spots.

You will never see a horror parody as side-splittingly hilarious and off-the-wall as Attack of the Killer Tomatoes; it’s bizarre, loaded with visual gags and straight up ass-foolery, and is undeniably enjoyable…and with the supplemental material present in this release it’s a must own for those horror hounds with a taste for the off-kilter!





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