The Gallows Act II Confirmed

A sequel to 2015’s paranormal flick The Gallows is on its way. The existence of the movie filmed in secret, titled The Gallows Act II. The sequel was confirmed when the Classifications and Ratings Commission sent out a memo confirming the movie’s title and rating, an “R” for “disturbing violent content,” Bloody Disgusting reports.

Travis Cluff and Chris Lofing are once again in the director’s chairs for Act II which stars Ema Horvath, Brittany Falardeau, and Chris Milligan. 

The upcoming sequel centers on an aspiring actress (Ana Rue) who transfers to a prestigious new school where her desires are twisted by a viral challenge capable of conjuring a malevolent spirit.

The first film, made for a mere $100,000 brought in $40 million worldwide when released.


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