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Movie Review: The Forest of the Lost Souls (2017)

Ricardo (Jorge Mota), an old man who feels he has wronged his family, and Caroline (Daniela Love) a morbid, death obsessed young woman (or as I like to call her, Daniel XIII’s girlfriends 96 -05 editions) enter the eponymous Forest of Lost Souls to commit suicide (what did you think you’d do in a place like that, earn a Forestry badge?). As they converse, we learn of their pasts and find out just how far they are willing to go in their quest for eternal rest. Well, one of the two becomes a lost soul, and one turns out to be one of those knife wielding psychos the kids are always on about these days and heads out to do some murder biz…and no, I’m not going to tell you which one and spoil a movie you’ve never heard of no matter how many nudes you send…

The Forest of the Lost Souls is an uncomplicated flick, divided into two rather even sections…the first is a poignant, and sometimes black humor filled dissertation on the human condition and why we would want to remove ourselves from existence, and the second is a proto-slasher picture. Now you would think those two things would go together like apple sauce and horse shit; but dammit, they work really, really well together thanks in no small part to the storytelling ability of writer/director José Pedro Lopes and the great chemistry and solid acting chops (get it, because one is a murderer…oh, you mother fuckers best be wearing asbestos underwear ‘cuz this revoltin’ reviewer is on fire!) of Mota and Love. Adding to the overall ambiance is some fantastically chiaroscuro black and white photography that lends the whole affair an air of mystery and  coldness.

On the negative side, the film is subtitled, so you may have to read something…I know, a crushing blow to some of you out there…

Coming off as a real cerebral take on the ol’ hoary chestnut that is the stalk n’ slay genre, The Forest of the Lost Souls is as full of gravitas as it is as ghoulish goings-on; but if you are in the mood to feel a little something more for your killer and victims this one will take you on a fascinating ride!




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