Movie Review: I Still See You (2018)

A decade after an apocalyptic lab accident left the world permanently haunted by visible,though silent, ghosts, Goth sad sack (is there any other kind really…I’m joking; you know me and the clove cigarette crowd is tight) Roni (Bella Thorne) encounters a new specter, Brian (Thomas Elms), that imparts a dire message to “run” written on her bathroom mirror. Spoiler: she doesn’t; rather Roni decides to tell her teacher, Mr. Bittner (Dermot Mulroney) about the event, but although he is extremely knowledgeable in the beings that now walk among us, believes that she is spoutin’ some straight up bullshit. Thankfully every cinematic high school has an edgy loner just itching to accompany a hot chick into ball shriveling terror, and this case it’s brood-machine Kirk (Richard Harmon) who does the deed. Now our heroes are on a mission to find out Brian’s identity and figure out just what danger is waiting for Roni!

To start things off on a positive note; I Still See You has one hell of a kick-ass premise; an event that leaves ghosts inhabiting our world…visible as can be, and almost taken for granted…now that is unique and vastly entertaining. It’s a good bit of fright flick fun watching our young heroes go about their daily lives with all manner of spirits going about their routines they followed while alive, and in the case of Roni; well we can all imagine what it would be like to get to see a dead relative again everyday, even if they can’t speak…get’s the ol’ wicked wheels turning in the beastly brain, doesn’t it boils n’ ghouls?

Speaking of Roni, Thorne is more than capable of adding a great sense of believability and pathos to our heroine, and the supporting characters, in particular Mulroney and Harmon are rock solid as well. Also of note is the creepy and suitably haunting score (by Bear McCreary), the dark and atmospheric cinematography of Simon Dennis, and an ambiguous ending (and yes, I realize your mileage may vary on that one my fiends) that leaves some nice set-up for a return to the world the film presents…a return I hope materializes.




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