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This June Witness ‘The Haunting Of Molly Bannister’



The sinister paranormal horror The Haunting of Molly Bannister, from writer-director MJ Dixon is coming to UK DVD and Digital this June from 101 Films.


The Haunting of Molly Bannister is the latest horror from writer-director MJ Dixon and producer Anna Dixon.


In the film, “after the death of their eldest sister, the women of the Bannister family begin to feel that something is very wrong.  Trapped inside, the house feels menacing; the youngest sister, Molly, is getting sick, there are strange noises in the night and a constant feeling that they are being watched.  What is wrong with Molly, and why does her doll seem to appear everywhere they go? More importantly, who will be able to get out of the house alive?”

Tiana Rogers (Slasher House 2) reprises the role of Molly Bannister and stars alongside a talented cast that includes Susan Lee BurtonEmmeline KellieGrant Kempster, and Chloe Badham.

MJ Dixon had the following to say about the film, “With Molly Bannister, we tried to move away from the traditional stalk and slash of our previous movies.  We focussed here much more on a character-driven film with a focus on the family dynamic and genuine scares, whilst not compromising on our usual brand of horror and humor.’ 

The Haunting of Molly Bannister is coming to UK DVD and Digital from 101 Films on June 20th, followed by its U.S. release on August 4th.



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