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Singer-Songwriter G Tom Mac Talks “Cry Little Sister” And His Upcoming Musical ‘A Lost Boys Story’ In An Interview

  Horror in the 80’s gave us so many fantastic soundtracks. One song still stands out above the rest, ‘Cry Little Sister’ from the beloved classic The Lost Boys. As the film approached its 30th anniversary we shared the news with you that the song’s creator G Tom Mac (also known as Gerard McMahon) was not only […]

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no end house

Creator Nick Antosca Takes Us Inside ‘Channel Zero: No-End House’ Ahead Of Its Premiere

  Syfy’s ‘Channel Zero’ will return later this month for its second season, ‘No-End House‘. This season centers on Margot Sleator, played by Amy Forsyth (The Path), a young woman and her best friend Jules (Aisha Dee),  who visit the No-End House, a bizarre house of horror that consists of a series of increasingly disturbing […]

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Director Terry Wickham Takes Us Inside The Horror Anthology ‘Devil’s Five’

  A new horror anthology titled Devil’s Five will soon be delivered to genre fans. Writer-Director Terry Wickham teased us with new details of the film during an interview. The five-part anthology that stars Ralf Scheepers, Diana Noris, Kevin Cusick, Siakie Tetteh, Aaron Mathias, Walter Masterson, Darren Hickok, Rafael Baez Jr., Megan Penn, Almog Pail and […]

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the vault

Writer-Director Dan Bush Takes Us Inside His Supernatural Film ‘The Vault’ In An Interview

    You should recognize the name Dan Bush. He’s the man behind films like The Signal, The Blood Bond, Ghost of Old Highways, and The Reconstruction of William Zero. I had the pleasure of talking with Bush who also directed the upcoming supernatural film The Vault which he co-wrote with Conal Byrne. The Vault […]

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stear 2

An Interview With Actor-Producer Demetrius Stear Star Of The Domicile – Now On DVD

  Actor-producer Demetrius Stear and I recently had a conversation about his role in the upcoming supernatural thriller The Domicile and more. Stear is a busy man between his acting career and the projects he is producing. The Kentucky native spent several years in the US Army before beginning his career in film which is heading […]

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samhain 1

An Interview With Public Figure & Entertainer Samhain

Most people recognize the name Samhain as the spirit of Halloween, but there is an entertainer/public figure that goes by the same name. Meet Samhain.     With a clown-like painted face, ghostly white eyes, nails that would impress Freddy Krueger, and safety pins jutting out from his bottom lip, Samhain makes appearances across the […]

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Interview: Picking The Brain Of Fatal Pictures Producer, Zach Green.

Hello again, my Little Monsters. Recently I had the pleasure of posing some questions to Zach Green, producer for Fatal Pictures, to gain insight on various…wait. What am I doing? I tell you what…how about we skip the preamble an you just take a gander at the interview? So without further ado… T. Love – […]

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