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DVD Review: Hosts (2020)

Ahh, the ho-ho-holidays, a time of gift givin’, merry makin’, and eating tons of fucking food. Speaking of which, that is precisely what’s on the agenda for Jack (Neal Ward) and Lucy (Samantha Loxley); a sickeningly in-love young couple who are set to have a nice meal with their neighbors Michael (Frank Jakeman), Cassie (Jennifer […]

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minor premise 1

Sci-fi Thriller ‘Minor Premise’ Takes You Inside A Disturbed Mind

    This December, director Eric Schultz‘s sci-fi thriller Minor Premise will take viewers on a journey into the mind of a man facing off against his darker side.   “Attempting to surpass his father’s legacy and pressured by an old colleague (Dana Ashbrook of “Twin Peaks”), a reclusive neuroscientist becomes entangled in his own risky […]

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teacher shortage 1

Indie Horror ‘Teacher Shortage’ Will School You In A Lesson In Terror

    Writer-director Troy Escamilla (Party Night) wants to teach you a new lesson in terror this October with his new indie horror Teacher Shortage. Brinke Stevens (Slumber Party Massacre, Slavegirls from Beyond Infinity), Debra Lamb (Beverly Hills Vamp, Tales from the Campfire 2) star in the film that pays homage to 80s slashers.   […]

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greatland still

The New Trailer For ‘Greatland’ Leaves You Feeling Like You’ve Been On An Acid Trip

    Enter the insane, surreal dystopian prophecy of 2020: Greatland, a world where boys are married to trees, cats and dogs run for President and the Virus has become a new religion. An acid roller coaster ride into the future after Covid-19, on a mission to debunk 2020! Filmed in Los Angeles in a […]

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slaughterhouse 2

A Brutal Murderer Stalks ‘The Slaughterhouse Killer’ Trailer

    Genre specialist sales outfit Black Mandala has acquired Australian horror “The Slaughterhouse Killer.” We’ve got the new trailer that teases a dark and brutal indie film.     A passion for slaughter keeps Box in line at the local abattoir where he can quench his thirst for blood. When Nathan, a young parolee arrives in town, […]

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Movie Review: The Mothman Legacy (2020)

Serving as a sequel to 2017’s Mothman doc; The Mothman of Point Pleasant (which I reviewed right here), The Mothman Legacy continues filmmaker Seth Breedlove’s deep-dive into the wicked winged world of this creepy cryptid! After a quick recap of Mothman-related events that culminated in the collapse of the Silver Bridge in Point Pleasant, West […]

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Darkness in Tenement 45

Tensions Rise As A Group Is Isolated Due To A Biological Threat In ‘Darkness in Tenement 45’

    Writer-director Nicole Groton‘s female-driven horror thriller Darkness in Tenement 45 about a biological threat that causes people to seek isolation, a topic very poignant these days, is set to arrive this November.   The award-winning film is set in the 1950s centers on “Joanna (Nicole Tompkins) who has been living with her overbearing […]

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