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Loophole - Still 04

It’s Good Versus Evil In The Trailer For Loophole

    From director Jenni Ivers (The Cabin) comes the sci-fi thrill-ride Loophole, in the tradition of “Dominion” and The Mortal Instruments. The gene for violence is discovered, setting off a demand for worldwide testing, promoting the belief that these people will commit a violent crime. College student Lexi Smith finds herself in the middle of a […]

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Movie Review: Snowflake (2017)

Gangsters Javid and Tan (Reza Brojerdi and Erkan Acar) are havin’ one fucky day. Seems our “heroes” have found the screenplay to their lives, and decide to seek out and heap abuse upon the documents author; a dentist named Arend (Alexander Schubert) all in the name of figuring out just what in the hell is going on…but […]

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Movie review: Night (2006)

Detective Mike Jericho (John Hardy) is in a bit of a pickle; you see he’s become a blood lappin’ fang banger after inadvertently turning a comely lass into so much Swiss cheese with his pistol (as one does). How did that happen you may ask? Well, even if ya didn’t ask I’ll tell you! The […]

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DVD Review: Heavy Trip (2018)

Before I jump into this here review for Heavy Trip, let me state that this is definitely NOT a horror film, rather it is a comedy about black metal, but since metal and horror intersect beautifully…and…and fuck it; I do whatever the shit I want… Turo (Johannes Holopainen), and his friends Pasi (Max Ovaska), Lotvonen […]

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Fairytale Meets Horror In The Trailer And Exclusive Clips From ‘Far From The Apple Tree’

    Fairytale meets horror in Sorcha Groundell’s terrifying tale Far From the Apple Tree. Today, we have the first trailer and two exclusive clips to share with you. The Innocents‘ actress Sorcha Groundsell stars as Judith, a wide-eyed and innocent artist who has been given the offer of a lifetime – the opportunity to live […]

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Movie Review: Slay Belles (2018)

Alexi (Kristina Klebe) heads out with her ultra-bosomy gal pals Dahlia (Susan Slaughter) and Sadie (Hannah Wagner) to help them film the latest installment of their wicked web series Adventure Girls; a show dedicated to exploring abandoned structures…like the recesses of my mind where dignity and shame once did dwell. Out on the road they […]

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Movie Review: Intensive Care (2018)

Alex (Tara Macken) earns some scratch by being the live-in nurse for an elderly woman named Claire (Leslie Easterbrook); and it seems like a rather cake assignment minus changin’ an adult diaper or two. Meanwhile Claire’s estranged, and constantly down on his luck, grandson Danny (Jai Rodriguez) has reunited with Seth and Rudy (played to […]

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death kiss 1

This December Justice Has A Familiar Face In ‘Death Kiss’

    A vigilante is cleaning up the streets one scumbag at a time in the thriller Death Kiss, set to be unleashed on the world this December by Uncork’d Entertainment. Starring Robert Kovacs, who has an uncanny resemblance to Charles Bronson, Death Kiss was filmed in Northern California, the film also stars Daniel Baldwin (John […]

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