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You Can’t Escape ‘Jack-In-The-Box’ This May

    From writer-director Lawrence Fowler comes the coulrophobic nightmare Jack-In-The-Box starring Ethan Taylor, Robert Nairne, and Lucy-Jane Quinlan. “When a museum is donated a vintage Jack-In-The-Box, it’s not long before staff member Casey starts to think that the creepy clown doll inside has a life of its own. As he discovers his colleagues are […]

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penance lane 1

Tyler Mane & Scout Taylor-Compton Take A Trip Down ‘Penance Lane’

    From director Peter Engert  (Aftermath) comes Penance Lane, starring horror icons Tyler Mane (Halloween 1 & 2) and Scout Taylor-Compton (Halloween 1 & 2). The action-packed horror film tells the harrowing story of Crimson Matthews, a     hardened criminal fresh out of the joint who takes a job as a handyman in […]

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Secrets Are Buried In The ‘Union Bridge’ Trailer

    Breaking Glass Pictures has acquired North America rights to the Lynchian southern gothic thriller Union Bridge, the debut feature from writer-director Brian Levin. The new teaser trailer. The film follows Will Shipe, the scion of a powerful family living near the Mason Dixon line, as he moves back home after years in the […]

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Three Clips Arrive Ahead Of Tomorrow’s Release Of ‘The Perished’

  Ahead of its release tomorrow, we have three new clips from writer-director Paddy Murphy’s (For We Are Many) The Perished. In the film, while recovering from an abortion, a young woman is tormented by the spirits of the unborn…who seek a mother. Courtney McKeon (The Three Don’ts), Fiach Kunz (“Game of Thrones”), Paul Fitzgerald (The Sleep Experiment), and Lisa Tyrrell (Urban […]

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Creepy AF Trailer Unveiled For ‘The Unborn’ (2020)

  From director Tal Lazar and writer Danny Matier comes The Unborn (not to be confused with 2009’s movie by the same name). And we’ve got the trailer! In the movie, “a pregnant young female security guard who must confront an evil entity and protect her offspring.” Manni L. Perez, Chris Bellant, Brian David Tracy, […]

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0.0 mhz

Korean Horror 0.0 MHZ Conjures An April US Release

    The creepy AF trailer is here for the supernatural Korean horror film 0.0 MHz. Written and directed by Sun-Dong Yoo, and based on the comic by Jak Jang, the film explores a “bizarre psychological phenomena such as seeing ghosts. One day, five members of the club go to an abandoned house which is […]

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Get Lost In The Trailer For Survival Film ‘Outback’ – Based On A True Story

  Outback, the new wilderness survival film from director Mike Green, will take viewers on a frightening journey this June.   The lengths people go to save their loved ones are portrayed in a tragically touching way as time is quickly running out for a stranded couple,” states Green. Based on a true story, “Outback tells the terrifying […]

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Samara Weaving Stars In The Dark Thriller ‘Last Moment Of Clarity’ (Trailer)

    Described as a “twisty Hitchcockian thriller,” Ready or Not actress Samara Weaving stars alongside Brian Cox, the star of the creepy AF film The Autopsy of Jane Doe, Carly Chaikin (“Mr. Robot”), and Udo Kier (American Animals) in the upcoming film Last Moment of Clarity whose thrilling trailer has just arrived. In the […]

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dawn of godzilla

New Godzilla Documentary ‘The Dawn Of Kaiju Eiga’ Hits Amazon Prime

  We’ve got a treat for fans of the King of Monsters, “The Dawn of Kaiju Eiga”, a new documentary film about the origins of the iconic monster Godzilla is now streaming on Amazon Prime, produced and directed by Spanish filmmaker Jonathan Bellés. The project started in 2012, as a Ph.D. research of Bellés about Kaiju Eiga, however, step by step, the project grew more and more ambitious as the filmmaker traveled to Japan in order to record more than 20 interviews from film directors, actors, and special effects directors. The goal was to realize his lifelong […]

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