iZombie Returns To The CW This April With Season 3!

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It’s that time again, our favorite shows are returning with their new season premieres. One of the series I have been looking forward to is iZombie, an unconventional series with heart and a lot of brains. Whose season 3 is only weeks away.

Rose McIver returns as a medical examiner, who just happens to be a zombie. No, not the brain-dead, slow, shambling kind. Liv is like everyone else, except for a hunger for brains. Luckily, she’s in the right business to grab a snack unnoticed while her boss Ravi (Rahul Kohli) covers her butt. Liv also has a successful record of helping Officer Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin) take a bite out of crime by eating the brain of the people involved in crimes.

Liv and her ex Major (Robert Buckley) share the same infection but are working to keep themselves in check while Ravi develops a cure. Blaine (David Anders), drug dealer-turned-zombie, doesn’t make things easy for them, but I have to admit, I love the character.


izombie s2 1


Last season Liv and her friends got into a bit of trouble with a man wanting to weaponize the virus, luckily they got out they got out in one piece. If you missed season 2 or just want to refresh your memory, don’t panic. Check out the recap below.



You will be happy to know that the premiere picks up just where the finale ended. This season Peyton will be caught in a love triangle between Ravi and Blaine, causing all sorts of problems. But that’s not the only problem the friends will face. The first poster for season 3 hints that there is a war coming between the living and the undead. With Liv being so close to her friends who still have a heartbeat, I don’t know how or if Liv will be able to choose a side, but I aim to find out by watching iZombie on the CW. Season 3 premieres on April 4th. Don’t miss it!





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